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Smashing Rotten Grapes

By: Juli Monat

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Smashing Rotten Grapes

I can't take it anymore, no more,

One hour...Day-light! Christ!

Mercy, not another night, inflicting vicious


Like a warrior on the run; that rushes his chariot,

Sword! Silver, and depth red, flesh blood,


From hot inferno; I'm begging you,

No more, no more,

Tormenting me, torturing me...Stop!

Stop it; O' mad, mad-man,

I feel, steel heat, melting thee, heart-beat,

Burning my soul...Be! Mine loose!

See, red-marma, flaming eyes; yours are two


The underworld you shape, trail of rotten grapes,

Around my colors popsicles,

Smashing my testicles...Sledge-hammer!

I damned you.

By: Juli Monat

Copyright (c) 2013


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