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By: Juli Monat

Page 1, I buried my Lawyer alive.


Buried alive, no last rite, I thought I

Could bribe, for a good life,

No priest to forgive the...Unforgiven!

One or two sins

Enough to be recall, if any at all,

All was dark,

Pitch dark black,

And this horrible feeling coming

From my back...Shitty bag rat!

No sounds, no flame,

Saw no devil, not a damn thing,

I was zap!

None! Good angels playing their harps

I hated there, St, Peter was spare,

Scare as hell

Expecting to hear tune melody bells

Ring my belt?

Why am I here?...I'm no criminal!

No rapist, Tax fraud?...Never was caught.

Was I a pusher?

All I wanted was to sing like, Usher!

Buried alive, by whom;

What did I do?

I have no criminal mind...I'm just a dirty swine!

Dark somber empty cage

Bury me at a later age...I see no escape!

"From Planet of the Apes"...Untombed!

By: Juli Monat

Copyright (c) 2013

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