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The Unravelled Watch

By: LilLoCksea

Page 1, As secrets are revealed and people become unraveled there are but a few whom are willing to listen...but even that sometimes is just not enough.

The Watch

Come to me you thread of a guy

no need to hide, its true-you know your slay.

Appearing to be in truce,

but as the time with pure in-take glows;

every peice of truce is in a rebellion recluse.


Watch the night pass the sky,

watch me take a breath in sigh,

your unravelling, sweet secrets are drowning.


Watching as you fall apart,

take another round on the mary-go-round,

spin your head, now spin back in!

say your prayers and become one...


Watch me as I run...

watch me as I reach my slumber.

Finally peace! but yet no thunder.

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