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My Dark Secret

By: mik31035

Page 1, It is about a man who has stabbed his wife, but there is a little twist at the end.

Anger in his eyes

Anger on his face.

No last goodbyes

But she sleeps in a better place.


He holds the knife

Blood drips from the tip.

He stabbed his wife

For giving him lip.


She had told him no

For the last time.

She had to go

In a hateful crime.


He buries her corpse

Six foot under.

He has no remorse

In this lightning and thunder.


He removes his wedding ring

And drops it in the hole.

He begins to sing

Burning his ruined soul.


He will pack his things

He will leave this town,

Before the police rings

He will burn his house down.


His house is ashes

When the police arrive.

All the while he dashes

In a hope to stay alive.


Never stop running

Trying to stay free.

It’s obvious they’re coming

But they will never find me.

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