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Lamb to the Slaughter - Film Script for short film

By: bella2009

Page 1, A crazed kills her husband shares no remorse. What more can be said? Read and see whose said you will be taking?




1. INT. MARY MALONE’S KITCHEN. NIGHT.                       1.      

MRS. MALONE stands in her kitchen, leaning against the side board. Her hand strokes her inflamed, pregnant belly. She has a vacant expression on her face, a small smile and her eyes fixated on the police sat at the table eating a meal she has cooked for them.

The police hungrily devour their meal. We only ever see the back of their heads, never their faces. MRS MALOME cocks her head to the side, and she opens to her mouth to say something - 



MRS MALONE sits comfortable in an armchair by a fire.


3. INT. MRS MALONE’S SITTIGNG ROOM. NIGHT.                  3.

Once again, she has a small smile of contentment as she sits quietly knitting alone.


4. INT. MRS MALONE’S CELLAR. NIGHT.                         4.

A quick snap of MRS MALONE holding a heavy object in her hand, walking up the steps to -                     
                                                       CUT TO-






Every now and again, she would raise her eyes and look at a small hand turned clock that is sat neatly alone on the wooden mantel piece, she looks nervous. Her knitting becomes more vigorous.

(to herself, in a trance like voice)
There was a slow smiling air about her, and about     everything she did.  The drop of a head as she bent over her sewing was curiously tranquil.

MRS MALONE lifts her head and gazes at the clock.

(smiling, gleefully)
Each minute gone by made it nearer the time when he would come home. Come home to me.


5. INT. BY THE SITTING ROOM WINDOW. NIGH.                   5.

MRS MALONE puts down her knitting as the distant sound of wheels can be heard. She eerily glides towards the window looking out.

She went forward to kiss him as he came in.

6. INT. MRS MALONE’S HALLWAY. NIGHT.                        6.

MRS MALONE greets her husband, MR MALONE, as he comes through the front door.

Hello darling. Here, let me take your coat.


You can hear MRS MALONE’S voice perfectly, but as MR MALONE returns his wife’s greeting, his voice is muffled and inaudible.




She sweetly takes his coat and brief case. She tries to kiss him he brushes her away. MRS MALONE seems unaware of MR MALONE’S actions. We only ever see the back of his head.


MRS MALONE follows her husband into the sitting room. He sits himself down in his armchair by the fire. From behind MR MALONE’S head we see MRS MALONE fixated on her husband. Not blinking. She smiles contently as she perches herself at his feet and takes his shoes of slowly and pulls them gently off laying them by the fire to warm. From there she reaches over and takes some maroon slippers which have been warming by the fire. MRS MALONE gathers the slippers in her hands and holds them like a prize possession. She leans forward and put them on MR MALONE’S feet. MR MALONE just remains in his sit. Not looking at his wife. Once this is done, she leans back and looks up and her husband.

(smiling with such contentment)
Would you like a drink, darling?

MR MALONE gives what sounds like a yes, but once again his voice is muffled.MRS MALONE pulls herself to her feet, but she stagers slightly due to her heavily inflamed belly – the weight pulls her down. MR MALONE makes no move to help her. He just stays motionless. She still seems unaware of this. She staggers over to the drinks cabinet and pours him a drink.

As she does this, MR MALONE’S voice can be heard saying something, but his voice is too muffled to be understand. She stands at the side of the chair. MRS MALONE gives the drink to her husband. He says something else into his drink but it is unclear what. MRS MALONE closes her eyes for a moment and places her hand on her pregnant tummy and sways a little.

She opens her eyes and moves in closer to her husband, she bows down and presses her lips against head, and pulls away.





I’ll get the supper


MRS MALONE turns round. Her eyes show deep fury. She walks slowly towards a door that leads down into the cellar. Turning her head slightly to glance at her husband –


I hope you won’t blame me too much…


8. INT. MRS MALONE’S CELLAR. NIGHT.                         8.

MRS MALONE walks down the stairs slowly. The stairs have no banister either side, so she spreads her arms out and looks down.

She couldn’t feel her feet touching the floor. She couldn’t feel anything at all.

Once she reaches the bottom of the stairs, she stands still. Her eyes scan the room.

I’m leaving, first thing in the morning.

She mimics what we presume MR MALONE says, her voice is robot like – one tone. Her eyes fall on a large freezer that sits in the corner.

There will be money for your child of course, I’m not an evil person.

 She walks towards it and lifts the lid high.





                                                    JUMP CUT:

MRS MALONE is holding a large, frozen leg of lamb in her hand.

                                                      CUT TO:

9. INT. MRS MALONE’S SITTING ROOM. NIGHT.                  9.

MR MALONE is stood holding a glass of alcohol and leaning against the mantel piece above the fire.

                                                     JUMP CUT:

10. INT. MRS MALONE’S SITTING ROOM. NIHGT.               10.

MRS MALONE stands but a foot away from MR MALONE, whose head twitches slightly to the side as he hears her footsteps.

(We hear his voice for the first time)
Ah, there you are. I’m glad you understand darling, as I am an Officer. I think we can both understand I’ll be under a lot more stress and well…you will just be raising a child.


MRS MALONE smiles sweetly.

Of course darling.

MRS MALONE’S arms are held, locked, behind her back hiding the leg of lamb.

Oh, darling, we are having lamb for dinner. I’m quite sure the sweet taste will, well, kill you...

MRS MALONE’s face contorts into an insane grin. The leg of lamb flies towards MR MALONE and catches him in the side of the face. MR MALONE sways slightly and then crashes to the floor. MRS MALONE holds the leg of lamb high for a moment. Panting. An insane smile remains on her face.




She steps towards the body of her husband, and observes it intently. The body twitches. MRS MALONE kneels beside MR MALONE’S body. She cocks her head to the side. She raises the leg of lamb again and brings it down once more on his head. The sound of skull being crushed is pronounced. She brings the leg of lamb down again and again, the violence almost becomes rhythmic. Blood stains her face. MRS MALONE pulls the leg of lamb away dropping it to the floor. She pats her messy hair. She stands up. Her eyes scan the disorder of the floor. She sighs in annoyance. She re-kneels next to her dead husband. She leans forward and places her fingers in a pool of blood that has formed round MR MALONE’S head.

That stains not going to come out. A new carpet too.  

 She’s fixated on the puddle of blood. She remains there for a long time. She eventually pulls away; she rubs her finger on the neck of her husband. Suddenly, MRS MALONE falls back against the arm chair that’s sat behind her, her hand clutches her belly – she feels her baby kick inside her. Her eyes widen in alarm.

My child. No. They wouldn’t kill then both-mother and child, would they?


10. INT. MRS MALONE’S KITCHEN. NIGHT.                    10.

She grabs the leg of lamb, and stumbles to her feet, and in a quick dash she goes to the kitchen. She places the leg of lamb in a tray, she notices that the blood on the lamb doesn’t belong to the lamb –

…the taste will be sweeter


MRS MALONE places some herbs on the lamb, turns the oven on



and places it in, and quickly wipes away the blood on her face and hands.

11. INT. MRS MALONE’S HALL. NIGHT.                        11.

MRS MALONE stands by a phone in the hall. Her hand hovers awkwardly above the phone, until she pulls it away.

They-they wouldn’t believe me. Cry. Cry. I must cry.

MRS MALONE thinks for a moment. She then walks towards the wall. She raises a hand a hits it lightly. Then MRS MALONE pulls her head back, and flings it towards the wall, smashing it hard. She staggers back dazed. But she steps forward once again and smashes her head again the wall harder. When she pulls away, tears of pain appear. She looks dazed and confused. She staggers towards the phone and begins dialling a number. Someone answers the phone.

(confused, crying through the tears of pain from banging her head)
Please…dead. He’s dead. My-my husband. Dead. (weeps) Help.

Someone on the other end of phone asks something.

An officer. Malone. Thank you.

MRS MALONE hangs up.

12. INT. MRS MALONE’S SITTING ROOM.                        12.

MRS MALONE re-enters her sitting room. She walks to MR MALONE’S body. She runs a hand along his back.

All the old love and longing for him. Gone.




A rasp knock is heard at the door. MRS MALONE looks around in terror and shock. Then clambers over MR MALONE’S body and takes it in her arms. Fresh blood stains her. As the muffled sound of a man’s voice is heard calling from outside, she breaks down into pretend sobs and moaning, rocking back and forth with her dead husband in her arms. The sound of the front door being forced open and a bundle of male officers come charging to the sitting room. They stop and observe the sight.

13. INT. MRS MALONE’S KITCHEN. NIGHT.                      13.

MRS MALONE sits at the kitchen table with a blanket wrapped round her, holding a glass of liquor, as the group of men study and murmur stuff about MR MALONE’S death. One man comes over – we don’t see his face – and says MRS MALONE something, once again his voice is muffled. As the man turns round to leave, MRS MALONE grasps his arm.

You poor men, you must be hungry, working so hard. As a thank you for your trouble – I, I have a leg of lamb cooking in the oven. It was meant for – (she sobs) well…it’d be an awful shame for it go to go to waste. Would it not?

The officer murmur something, he calls something to the other men who mumble uneasily, and then the officer in the kitchen indicates to MRS MALONE who smiles sweetly and pretends to sniff dry snobs. The men accept.

14. INT. MARY MALONE’S KITCHEN. NIGHT.                     14.      

MRS. MALONE stands in her kitchen, leaning against the side board. Her hand strokes her inflamed, pregnant belly. She has a vacant expression on her face, a small smile and her eyes fixated on the police sat her dining room table eating a meal she has cooked for them.

The police hungrily devour their meal. We only ever see the back of their heads, never their faces. MRS MALOME cocks her head to the side.

It’s very sweet isn’t it? Almost to die for.



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