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Jigsaw Puzzle

Script By: mike1983

A writer struggles to understand his past but needs to in order to know where he is going

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STANLEY MALLOY, 25, policeman, bland looking, is driving his police car around an area in NORTH LONDON. He could be driving the car faster but isn't. He tapping his fingers on the wheel as he drives. The police radio fizzes into action. He picks it up, keeping half an eye on the road.

STANLEY: Go ahead.

RADIO: Break in ahead at 25 Avenue Close.

STANLEY: On my way. Will send for back up if required.

STANLEY accelerates. He puts the siren on.


STANLEY slows down as he turns into the road. The siren and lights have been switched off. He notices that the house in question, the door is still open. He parks the car before the house and climbs out.


STANLEY takes a deep breath before cautiously walking towards the house. He takes his metallic truncheon out. He creeps into the house.


The house is dark and in complete disarray. There are papers on the floor, upturned tables, smashed pictures and lights. A skinny figure walks from one of the room. CONNOR, 18, a kid that looks like any other. STANLEY fixes him with an intense stare and marches towards him.

CONNOR: No, I wasn't...

STANLEY grabs CONNOR and twists his arm to apply the handcuffs. CONNOR is struggling.

CONNOR: I know I was...

STANLEY jabs CONNOR in the kidneys with his truncheon. CONNOR falls to the floor.

STANLEY: Get up.

CONNOR: You fucking pig.

STANLEY punches him in the face. He grabs CONNOR by the collar and pushes him towards the door.


A couple of faces are twitching curtains in the surrounding houses. STANLEY pushes CONNOR into the car. CONNOR stares at him from the car.


JACK BENNETT, 25, scruffily dressed. He looks exactly the same as STANLEY, but he is scruffier and has longer hair. In front of him sits a young looking executive, this is BRIAN GORMON.

BRIAN: And that's how we were picturing the start. You know what I mean? You know the divide between the blacks and the police. That was how I was picturing it. What do you think? I mean do you think you'd be able to do something like that?

JACK: Well, yeah, but I mean, I thought....

BRIAN: And then when he returns.


MAGGIE, 50, slightly overweight is sorting out various papers behind the desk. STANLEY walks up to her, holding CONNOR by the arm.

STANLEY: Avenue Close break in, this is him, I'm off after...

MAGGIE: You're gonna kill me.


MAGGIE: They've got them already.



MAGGIE: A couple of the boys were already in the area. They picked up the robbers.

STANLEY looks at MAGGIE furiously. He looks at CONNOR.

STANLEY: Go and sit there.

CONNOR stares at him before taking a seat.

STANLEY: Was it definitely them?

MAGGIE: Had the stuff on them the lot.

STANLEY rubs his face in his hands.

STANLEY: You do understand the consequences of this don't you?


BRIAN is grinning inanely at JACK.

JACK: And thats how you want it?

BRIAN: Of course, we need to show we've got something in common with the minorities. I want the final irony to be him married to a black woman, do you see what I mean? I think that would be a nice twist.


It is still light. The row of houses are semi-detached but none of them are in particularly good condition. There are a couple of kids playing football and oldie kids in hoodies smoking. STANLEY is walking up the road deliberately ignoring all the activity around him. He walks up the path of one of the houses and lets himself in.


As STANLEY enters the room there he is hit by a barrage of noise. A baby screaming, a washing machine finishing a spin dry, the television and his wife, LISA, on the phone. LISA is black.


STANLEY sees his wife holding their baby son, CHARLES in her hand whilst talking. The house is a mess.

LISA: Hello love...no I weren't talking to you, no, Stanley's just walked through the door.

STANLEY walks over and kisses LISA on the head, he then makes little gurgling noises at CHARLES. This helps him to stop crying. STANLEY collapses on the sofa.

LISA: Yeah, see you.

LISA hangs up the phone. She comes through to the living room and sits next to STANLEY. She kisses him on the cheek.

STANLEY: Give him here.

STANLEY takes CHARLES off her and sways him asleep.

LISA: Good day?

STANLEY: Not bad?

LISA: Chantelle's got a job.

STANLEY: Blimey.

LISA: Checkout at Liddles.

STANLEY: Aiming high then?

LISA nudges him but smiles.

LISA: She wants to go out to celebrate tonight.

STANLEY: Well you would wouldn't you? Have they announced it on sky news yet?

LISA: You're a sarcy sod ain't you?

STANLEY: That's why you love me.

LISA: Yeah, that's exactly it.


JACK: Yep, I think thats...

BRIAN: I'll give you six weeks to write. We can meet up whenever you need to, of course you'll need to call first.

BRIAN grins at him again.

JACK: Yep. Fine. I'll give it a go.

BRIAN: Excellent.

BRIAN stands up from behind his table. He is shorter than JACK.

BRIAN: Maybe we could have a quick pint to celebrate.


STANLEY is surrounded by empty shot and short glasses. He is sitting at a table alone. He is clearly depressed about the events of the evening. He surveys the room, he notices, MICHELLE, 21, angelic, staring at him. STANLEY attempts to smile at her although it appears to be more like a leer due to his drunken state, however this doesn't stop the girl from reciprocating. He indicates to her to come and sit with him, she acts a little coyly but he continues to do this, eventually she walks over to him. She is dressed like many city girls. She sits down at the table.

STANLEY: You're not offended by that then?

MICHELLE: By what?

STANLEY: You don't think that was sexist?

MICHELLE: What was?

STANLEY demonstrates the head movement once more. MICHELLE smiles at him.

MICHELLE: Why would I?

STANLEY: I know what you women are like. I know how the modern world is.

MICHELLE leans over to him.

MICHELLE: It doesn't bother me. You obviously know what you're doing. You know what you want.

They stare at each other. There is a clear chemistry between them.


BRIAN has three pint glasses around him, JACK still has his one bottle of Coke. He has left half a burger on a plate. BRIAN is destroying his lunch. He speaks with his mouth full.

BRIAN: You like that idea? Introducing a bit of totty into the mix. I'll make sure she's got big jugs when we cast her.

JACK: That wasn't the point I was trying to make. It's about his in ability...

BRIAN: Doesn't matter does it? No offence Jack, but it's only a bloody cop drama, stop overestimating yourself. We want a good looking bloke and a good looking bird with big boobs. Add in the racist element, its perfect.

JACK looks down at his watch.

JACK: Listen, do you mind if I sneak off? I'm meant to be meeting...

BRIAN: Course, no worries.

JACK reaches into his pocket, he produces several pieces of shrapnel and a screwed up five pound note.

JACK: For lunch.


JACK is standing outside a large office block. He is rearranging his hair and picks his teeth. He continuously checks his flies fearing they might be undone. He grows angry with his obsessive compulsive behaviour. DANNI, 26, slightly Essex girl, obviously pretty, opens the door. She smiles when she sees him. She kisses him on the cheek. JACK smiles at her awkwardly, aware she might be too attractive for him.


All children from the class are gathered in the hall. The boys are dressed in blue jumpers, the girls blue and white dresses. They are singing hymns. In the middle of the hall stands MRS SPRODLING, 60, old school headmistress. She is dressed in a dull looking summer dress. She is singing the hymn whilst at the same time interrogating the children with her eyes. In the corner of the room sits JACK. He is the same age he is now but dressed in school uniform. He is singing but he talks occasionally to the boy next to him. MRS SPRODLING notices this. She marches over to the corner.

MRS SPRODLING (Hissing): Come here.

She yanks him up by the arm and drags him to the centre of the hall. The children continue to sing but the noise level has reduced due to the unfolding of current events.


JACK tries to sing but his tears are welling up with eyes. He snivels and sniffs. As he sings he looks around the room. Some of the girls are laughing at him. JACK continues to sing through his tears.


It is a sunny Spring afternoon. The park is covered with city men and women eating their lunches. The contrast of suits and nature appears a bit bizarre. JACK is sitting with DANNI. She is eating a salad and drinking a diet coke.

DANNI: You know you were late?

JACK: I did, I tried to get out of the situation but I couldn't. Well I could because I'm here, but you know what I mean.

DANNI: Well no, not really.

JACK: You do, you know exactly what I mean. I thought you liked me meeting you fo lunch, I thought you wanted me to come down here.

DANNI: I did, but I don't like people being late.

JACK scoffs at this suggestion, but immediately regrets it following the expression on DANNI'S face.

DANNI: Meaning?

JACK: Nothing.

DANNI: Well it does, it obviously does, so why don't you tell me?

JACK: Well, I think you're being a bit of a hypocrite.

DANNI: Yeah?

JACK: If someone says be ready at half eight, you can pretty much bet that you won't be sorted until at least quarter to.

DANNI: That is outrageous.

There is a pause, she stares at him as she says this before starting to laugh.


STANLEY is drunk and can barely walk. He has an arm draped around LISA.

STANLEY: You know I love you? You do know that don't you? I mean I know you don't think so, but I do.

LISA: Course you do.

STANLEY: Don't just rubbish what I'm saying, I know you think I'm drunk and to be honest I am a little bit, but I know what I'm saying. I really do. I mean I am pissed but you're more honest when you're pissed aren't you. I mean you say the things you really want to say. Do you not think?

LISA: Yeah course.

STANLEY: You're just humouring me aren't you?

LISA: Course not.

STANLEY smiles at her. She pulls the keys from her pocket. STANLEY stares at her.

STANLEY: You're good looking en'all, I don't mean in an obvious way, I'm not saying you're unattractive but you've got one of those faces haven't you, one of those faces, subtle but nice.

STANLEY strokes her face.

LISA: Yep, I know you don't wash you're hands when you're pissed so do you want to...

LISA she feigns pushing his hands away.

She opens the door. He falls through it. She takes his shoes off and picks his legs up to avoid shutting the door on them.


LISA: Come on Stan, I can't lift you can I?

STANLEY: You know I'm sensitive about my weight. Male anorexia is a lot more common than you might think.

LISA: The fact you call it male anorexia...well I can't leave you there.

A young teenage girl emerges from the living room with CHARLES in his hands. This is DEBBIE the babysitter.

STANLEY: It's Debbie, the lovely Debbie, hello Debbie.

DEBBIE looks at him unimpressed and a little embarrassed.

LISA: Don't worry about him Debs, he's normally like this when he says he loves me. Is it a tenner?


The bedroom is small and in need of decoration. STANLEY is in bed half asleep. LISA comes through. She is wiping cream on her hand and face. She climbs into bed.

STANLEY: You fancy a bit then?

LISA: You what?

STANLEY: You know I don't get brewers droop.

LISA: How is that supposed to help me in anyway at all?

STANLEY: It shows I love you.

LISA: It shows you're randy...not with that breath anyway.

STANLEY: What's wrong with it?

LISA: It smells like you brushed your teeth with a turd...goodnight.

STANLEY: Oh come on Lis, it's been bloody ages.

LISA: If you didn't come home bladdered most nights, it wouldn't be would it?

STANLEY gives up and turns on his back.

STANLEY: We were like rabbits once. You used to want me to come home early from work sometimes...I used to love that. Doing it during the day, almost made me feel a bit guilty (chuckles to himself), no chance of that happening anymore though.

STANLEY looks over at her. Her eyes are shut but it is unclear if she is asleep.

STANLEY: Yeah well, I'm not gonna have that.

STANLEY gets out of bed and pulls a mens magazine from under the bed.


STANLEY is walking to wards the toilet when he sees CHARLES sleeping. He looks at the magazine and drops it on the floor, shaking his head. He walks through to the bedroom.


STANLEY peers over the cot.

STANLEY (Whispers): You'll listen to me won't you? I think I've pissed your Mum off. I can't help it. I know should act my age, I can't help it Charlie. You know its you and her that matter most...sometimes though, I don't know...


DANI has finished her lunch. JACK is still sitting with her.

DANI: So now they've commissioned it, you got any idea what you're writing about?

JACK: They want a cop thing, which I'm quite happy to do, but there's elements i want to put in which I know they would clampdown on.

DANI: You thought anymore about us getting a house?

JACK: (Sarcastically) Have they? Yes they have.

DANI: I was listening, I just wanted to know. There's nothing wrong with that is there?

JACK: No I haven't thought anymore about it. Why what is wrong with where we are now?

DANI: Living with your Mother?

JACK: You get on with her don't you?

DANI: Yeah but...


DANI is lying next to JACK. She has her back to him. She is unhappy by the ridiculous volume of the television set which sounds as if it is in the same room. Every so often a 'vivacious' laugh can be heard. This is BEVERLY, JACK'S mother. JACK looks over at DANI.

JACK: I don't suppose we could....

DANI looks at him with disgust.

JACK: Just checking.

JACK leans over and turns the light off. Hold on his face.


THE POLICE CHIEF is dressed in his uniform. His hair is smart and he has a little moustache. His room is almost a cliche. There is a golf trophy on the desk, a picture of his police graduation photo. His chair is positioned slightly higher than the one opposite him. STANLEY is the unfortunate participant this time. THE CHIEF is looking at him. STANLEY is struggling to make eye contact with him.

THE CHIEF: It's assault Stanley. You could go down for this.

There is a silence between them.

THE CHIEF: I respect you Stanley.

STANLEY looks at him for the first time.

THE CHIEF: You're very good at what you do.

STANLEY: Wasn't expecting this. Never heard this before.

THE CHIEF: I do admire you Stanley, but what you've done. Its assault and it's unforgivable.

STANLEY smiles at this and almost breaks into laughter.


STANLEY: You're a liar. You're a hypocrite.

The two stare at each other, THE CHIEF smiles at him.

THE CHIEF: We're going to have to suspend you pending an investigation.


JACK shakes his head at this idea and firmly shuts his eyes.


JACK is slowly stirring from his sleep.

DANNI (OOV): See you later love. Be home about five.

JACK lies back in his bed. He listens for DANNIS footsteps walking towards the door. He hears it slam shut. He waits a little longer until he hears her car drive off. JACK throws off the covers. He has slept in his pants. He stands up and rearranges himself. He smells his hands and wipes them down his legs. He walks over to the computer and switches it on. He is greeted by the script he is writing for BRIAN. He flicks over to the internet and examines house prices. The cheapest is three hundred thousand. He immediately gets up and walks away.


JACK is still in his pants. He takes two slices of bread, and then grabs a few handfuls of shreddies from the packet. He crunches it all together. He leans on the kitchen sink and stares into space. This is how his life is lived every day.


There is a small table in the room. It is covered with various papers and pens. However nobody is sitting at the desk. JACK is lying on the sofa, flicking between various channels. He isn't stopping on any.


JACK is sitting on a little garden wall opposite his old house. He appears oblivious of anything happening around him. He rubs his face. A car pulls into the drive, from it emerges a tidy looking middle-aged man in overalls. As the man unlocks the front door, JACK is desperate to get a peak inside. He can see outlines of furniture but nothing more than this.


The young JACK is sitting in the middle of the room watching television. PERRY,his Father, 45 and overweight. He looks like the CHIEF CONSTABLE. He is watching the television also. He is scoffing on a packet of tortilla chips. He has two empty cans by the side of the sofa and a third in his hand. JACK starts to laugh at the screen.

JACK: He's a funny bloke ain't he?

PERRY half nods as he says this.


PERRY reaches for another handful of chips. JACK gets up and goes into the kitchen.


The kitchen is brightly lit. There are selection of plates next to the sink. They are just about washed. JACK leans over to open the cupboard door. He is greeted by several more empty cans crammed into a carrier bag posing as a dustbin. It is ready to burst. They do not appear to bother JACK.


As JACK reaches the top of the stairs, he is confronted by three bedrooms. He peers into one of them and sees a younger version of BEVERLEY sitting on a single bed. It is evidently her room due to the way it has been decorated. She doesn't see JACK, she is busy scribbling over various papers.


JACK enters his bedroom. It is quite large. Parts of the wall are covered with footballers. The room seems to be catered for him, but there are a couple of boxes of C.Ds and videos that are probably too old for him. They belong to someone else. JACK climbs onto his bed and stares at the ceiling.


A bruised looking CONNOR is sitting in front of the CHIEF. Next to him is his Mother DEE. She is dressed in leggings, a t-shirt and a smart jacket. STANLEY is sitting with them

STANLEY: Look, I know its not much use now...

There is a silence as his says this.

STANLEY: I just want to apologise. I'm not saying this because I want you to...

THE CHIEF glares at STANLEY warning him not to continue.

STANLEY: I'm sorry.

DEE: That is all well and good, but don't think...

STANLEY: I know, I know. I'm being charged, you don't have to worry.

DEE: I want more than that.

STANLEY: I regret it. If I could back, I would.


JACK notices that the car in the drive has gone. He jogs up the pathways. As he approaches the door he looks through the little window. He can see straight through to the living room and back into his childhood. He can see himself lying on the floor and PERRY watching the television.

JACK pulls sharply away from the window. His eyes are closed. He needs to wipe them as he opens them. He takes a deep breath. He walks down the steps clearly filled with some form of sadness. He quickly glances over his shoulder to take one last look. This is when he notices the garage doors appear to be unlocked. He deliberates whether to walk on or not. He looks down both sides of the pavement. There is nobody around. He walks from the garden path over to the driveway. He continuously keeps looking over his shoulders. He reaches the garage doors. He takes one last look before pulling the handle. They open with ease. He slips through the small gap.


The garage is empty. JACK breathes in the smell of the garage. He closes his eyes and smiles to himself. He opens his eyes and strolls over to the shelves. There are various expired tins of paint, car oil, car fluid, grease covered j-cloths and a large bag of charcoal. JACK smiles when he sees this.


The garage door handle is slowly turned. JACK steps out. He walks down the little ally that leads to the garden. When he reaches it he takes in the surroundings. It is much smaller than he remembered but


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