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I find myself caught alone in a dark forest, right next to the MapleWood school. Worse as I though, I sure wasn't alone.[A dream I had a while ago...]

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"Cameron, you sure we should be doing this?" I asked, as he jumped over the school's fence. He smirked and said, "C'mon not like they have the police on the look out here." He helped me over the fence, then asked, "What? You scared or something?"

"No its just-"

"We can go back if you like." He pointed to the direction of where my house was. "I don't mind."

"Cam, it's fine!" I started walking toward the playground area, he followed me then walked ahead of me. It was dark out, so the school looked deserted or haunted with its pale yellow paint that was now fading. We seemed to stand out in the bright school grounds since all me and Cameron wore was black clothing. I put my hood on, since it was starting to sprinkle a little bit. Cameron did the same.

We got to the blue metal gate, where behind was the playground. Where we were suppose to meet Cameron's friends. Cameron looked to the right of the metal gate, then walked over to the corner of it. I could tell where he was going. There was a small opening between the fence that made sure no one passed the gate, which the fence pole was bent to let us through. I smiled and followed Cameron through the opening.

"Okay, so where do we meet your friends?" I asked, looking around the playground that was made into three sections. But one of the swings were broken, and fallen to the ground.

"I'm not sure, he texted me for us to wait in the playground." He answered, walking toward the swings. I followed him, looking up at they sky seeing it got much darker. It must be eleven o' clock by now, I guess to myself.

Cameron sat on the swing that wasn't broken, leaving me to stand. "You sure this is gonna work?" I asked him, as he started swinging. He smiled.

"Myrtie, I'm know what I'm doing." he assured me. I nodded and looked behind me, making sure no one was sneaking up on me. Of course no one was, as usual. Cameron seemed to have his eyes set on the entrance, knowing like his friends would come from the exit. Then it all seemed to get black, like a fog the covered the scene.


I found myself in the forest, and it was late at night. I was running, from someone. I was still in my dark clothing, and had my hood on. Somehow I had a feeling something didn't work out so well, and it had something to do with Cameron 'friends' that we met at the playground. I seem to have forgotten how this all started, or how I even got in the woods. A feeling inside me was telling me three things. First, Cameron was dead, and I seemed to be running for my life as well. Second, Cameron's friends weren't human. Third, they seemed to be the problem to my memorie lost.


I entered a clearing, hoping it would be brighter since the tree's weren't blocking the moon. But there was no moon, dark black clouds covered the sky. I heard thunder a distance away, but didn't see any lighting. I stopped in the middle of the clearing, noticing that the trail I was running on ended. I looked around the dark forest, and turned to my right. On my right was something like a small field of long grass, that was bordered by the dark trees. I head thunder, which was now closer, then saw the flash of light that seemed to light up the whole forest.

In the small field of grass, which I was thankful the light shown on time, I saw someone walking toward me, but was wearing black like me so I couldn't see. The feeling gave me another thought, it was Cameron's friend. Then the light disappeared, and I saw only darkness surrounded.

"W-who's there?" I called, stepping back away from the grass area. I tried to stay silent, and hear for feet in the grass, but heard nothing. Thunder was heard again, and the lighting shot from the dark cloud again. I saw the person again, I could tell it was a teenage boy about my age. But in that second of light, I saw another teenager right behind him. Worse, they were much more closer now. Then it went black

I stepped back till I was near the other side of the clearing. "Get back!" I yelled, feeling like I was only yelling into the darkness. I heard the thunder again, which tempted me to close my eyes so I wont see them, but I kept a lookout. Then the light flashed again, and I wish I ran right when I saw the boy.

I was surround by dark clothed people, who seemed to be grinning at me benith their soaked hoods. I turned around, seeing there was about six of them around me. One was Cameron.

"Cameron w-whats going on?" I asked, stuttering as they got closer. Cameron smiled at me, and walked over to me till he was only a foot away from my face.

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing." He said, still smirking. The last thing I heard was the far-distance thunder.


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