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The Known Stranger

Short story By: Adam Williamson

The story follows Kieth Cruise who is a nerdy computer technician who has hardly any friends, he is 25 years old. He isn't liked, by alot of people. Kieth hates his life, Kieth then meets Marty O'Neill a smooth talking Irish man who is also 25 years old. Marty is Kieth's opposite, he pulls women everywhere, he is still hated by most people as he is very sarcastic and people find him either annoying or think he is an asshole. Women love him though. Kieth and Marty soon become friends and head out together. However murder begin to happen and Kieth is losing grip on what is real and what isn't is Marty who he says he is? Can Marty be trusted? Is Marty Out to get him? Who is Marty O'Neill? The Known Stranger is a psycological thriller where Kieth will have to figure out what is real and what isn't, what is the truth and what is the lies who is Marty O'Neill? Who is Kieth Cruise?

Submitted:May 18, 2012    Reads: 124    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Author's Note: I want a good reader base for this so if your interested please like and comment and tell me so, if you want to be kept updated please say! I hope you enjoy and PLEASE comment and like. Any tags you can think of would help also!

Chapter 1

I sat there on the bed looking into his incredibly bright blue eyes and his coy smile as he stared back at me, could what he be saying be true? It couldn't be... could it? This all started two months ago. Two months ago, I was happy with life. Actually I wasn't I hated it. It had been a giant disappointment and everything was just shit. At least then I knew what was real and what wasn't. I looked into Marty's blue eyes as one of his black hairs cross over one of his eyes. Marty was what women would describe as tall, dark and hansome. He was around six foot and had extremely bright blue eyes and black hair to match it. He was born in Dublin and came over to America when he was seventeen years old. He was twenty five like I was. Marty was always seen wearing similar clothing, his style was the same. He always wore a pair of dark denim jeans and had a long sleeved t-shirt which was usually always white or blood red and to top it off he was always seen with a black leather jacket. Any men who seen his jacket instantly wanted it, women just thought it was hot but that's what most women thought of Marty anyway. He had pale skin he always called it "the curse of the Irish", the sunlight here pissed him off a lot. He couldn't take the heat and was always seen in sunglasses. I don't know his full name, I've only ever known him as Marty

"Marty... this can't be true" I said to him

"Sorry lad, but it is. The best part is, you know it is and you just keep denying it"

"Denying it! It can't be true! It makes no sense"

"Does it really not make sense? Or are you just telling yourself that?"

"Your insane!"

"Am I?" He just laughed at my reactions I didn't know what to do, what was going on?

"What happens next?" I asked him fearing his answer. He just smiled. I could hardly hear the words he said next all I remember is that it went dark and I was alone and confused. Let's go back to the start.

My name is Kieth Cruise and I live in New York, I'm a computer technician in a massive company. I can't say I'm the most loved person in the world, infact even saying that I'm liked is an overstatement, my office is practically in the basement of the skyscraper and when I have to venture up to the higher up floors all I get is paper balls threw at me or name calling. People told me that bullying stops after school and your finally accepted for who you are. Well they lied. I get all the names of the day even some of the classics, "four eyes" is one of the popular ones. I didn't wear glasses anymore but I did when I started here, now I wear contacts because the world is prejuduice and if I don't wear them I may be accepted. They were the big square ones with the massive black rims. Wasn't doing me any favours. In fact whoever designed them deserves to be shot. I was quite small only a 5,8. I lived with my mother not because I couldn't support myself but I liked to help her out, she was old and she needed help and I didn't want her to be alone. However the day I met Marty is the day my life changed forever. I met Marty at the local bar one night needless to say, he was an interesting person, he was different and unique. He was different to me but for some reason we got on, and became friends. As time went on things got stranger and stranger.

My mother Anne always nagged at me about getting a girlfriend, she even thought I was gay sometimes. I hated her for it, she always said it as an insult to me. "Kieth where's the girlfriends? I want grandchildren you know! No gays in this family" she would say to me. I'm not against gay, bisexuals or lesbians. To me their just people living their lives but my mother was stuck in the past and all she did was insult me. Me, her own son! I turned to computers to get away from her and the rest of the world. I turned to a different world, a better one in my opinion. The World of Warcraft, what can I say. I loved it, I was liked there and people respected me. Not like here.

I wanted a wife, a girlfriend and kids. I knew it would never happen for me though. Who would want me? I was 5,8 I had no muscle at all no matter how hard I tried and I was skinnier than most girls. My hair was what my mother called dirty fair, it wasn't very long either it was more unkempt as my hairdresser called it. I just called it short, messy and dark blonde. Tonight would be different, I was going to go out tonight and meet a girl and it was going to be perfect. A new life! What I wouldn't give to have a new life. Tonight my dreams would come true. I was going to meet someone tonight, I knew it! I couldn't wait! This was the night I met Marty O'Neill


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