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Short story By: angellynn

TheWildOne's Topic Challenge. A public phone is ringing in a deserted street. You pick it up....

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Short Story By Angellynn

" Hello " Patrick answered.

After a moment of silence, he said hello again.

A womans frightened voice came on the line. " Help me, please! " Her tone was soft, yet desperate. She was begging Patrick to help her.

" Where are you, miss? " He asked worried.

She told him she was hiding in her bedroom. She also told him her three year old daughter was sleeping in her room down the hall.

" There's someone in here with us," she whispered. Her tone seemed shaken.

" There's an intruder in your home? " Patrick asked. Terrified for her and her child.

" Yes! " She whispered.

" Why didn't you call the police? " He asked her surprised she didn't call 911.

The woman was trying to call her husband, before calling the police. She was upset and terrified.

" You must call the police, where are you located? "

The woman trembled. " I have to get to my daughter! " She cried. " He's going into my daughter's room! "

Then there was total silence on the line. " Hello! " Patrick spoke into the reciever. " Are you still there? "

" Yes! " The woman told him.

" Where is the intruder now? " He asked the woman, seriously frightened for them.

" He's still in there," Her tone was worrisome.

" Whats your address? " He asked her. " I'm calling the police! "

" No! " She whispered loudly. " Dont hang up! I'm scared. " She begged Patrick.

" But you need help," He assured her, thinking the worse.

Suddenly there was complete silence in the phone.

" Hello! " Patrick spoke into the reciever. " Are you still there, lady? "

He feared something bad had happened to her. Even worse, her daughter.

He waited impatiently for her to get back on the phone. His mind was racing. His mind was filled with terrible thoughts. He couldn't imagine how she must have felt.

Then she finally got back on the line. her voice was more shaken than before. " He's at my door! " She trembled. " What do I do? "

" Shhh! " Patrick begged her. '" Be very still, and very quiet. " He told her. " Maybe he will go away "

Then silence fell on the line again. After a few moments, he could hear muffled voices in the phone. He was terrified. He couldn't make out what it was.

He was so scared, and wanted to help them. But how?

The door slowly opened, and the light came on. The terrified woman had crawled under the bed. She watched as the intruder paced the floor. Then suddenly she reconised the boots the intruder was wearing.

Patrick still held the line. He was waiting for something to happen. He couldn't hang up.

Several minutes passed and Patrick was going out of his mind. He just knew something was wrong.

Meanwhile the woman was shocked to find the intruder was actually her husband. He had come home a day early from his trip.

Poor Patrick was still holding tightly to the reciever scared to death. " What's happening? " He cried.

Then in his despair, a man's voice came on the line.

" I'm sorry sir, but it appears my wife has dialed the wrong number. "



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