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For Prince Edward's contest. I had to put the genre Thriller as there seems to be no word of Suspense/mystery but Thriller works just as well right. If Thriller is suspense/mystery then call me an idiot, Im old :P
Michael is a mute teen of 17. His parents and sisters were murdered in front of his own eyes ever since then he became more like a statue, a stone, he had been given the name "Stone Child" by everyone around, now he is set off to find the murderer. There is nothing more that he could lose.

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Michael, or Stone Child as people call him grabbed his Biology book, closed his locker and headed down towards Science class.

Last year, on a summer holiday, his parents and sisters, one younger, one older were both killed in front of Michael's eyes. with him tied down to a chair, a masked man tortured and killed every single of his family memebers one by one. Ever since after their death, the young man never spoke a single word.

The Stone Child was just a few paces when he was slammed into the wall, he was glad his back didn't break but he wasn't glad who it was, Jayson.

"Hey, look who we have here, The Stone Muter." Jayson said, clenching a tight fist to make out with my face. With one quick motion, I ducked, ran, but was stopped by Goran.

No one knew Goran, not even the teachers or the principal. He was a true mystery, a man with very few words. My kind of man.

He looked into my eyes as if he were asking, "are you alright"? I shookmy head, let go of his grasp, and ran down towards Science.


After school, Michael took a trip down to the cemetry where he talked to his deceased family memebers. Kneeling down on both knees, the young man silently greeted them with a sad, slight smile.

"Hi mom, dad, sisters, nice day huh?" Michael barely whispered his hello as he placed flowers of diffrent colors at the base of the stone.

Michael didn't realize at first, a sillouhte of a young man behindone of thestone angels.


Nighttime approached, and once again and forever more, Michael was alone, sitting in a chair, watching TVuntil...

The door of his house slammed opened, the ridges forced out and the door landed with a loud thud on the ground.

Startled for words or reactions, the stone child scrabbled out of the chair and try to find a hiding spot or a weapon to protect him. But he couldn't. He was now helpless.

The masked man moved closer and closer to Michael with a kitchen knife in one hand. The myserious man grinned a devil's grin as he grap the mute's shirt collar and dragged him out of the house.

The man gave Michael a notepad and a pen to communicate, since the stone child was mute and he didn't like talking all that much, he had decided this was the best way to communicate then they would burn their messages into a fire.

I am Michael, who are you? The stone child wrote down on the notepad then showed the young man who stopped in their tracks to read it.

You will soon find out. The man wrote in return.


This was the last place Michael ever wanted to go in his life, this was the placewhere his parents and sisters died. Gulping, the mute stone child let himself be yet again dragged towards a wooden rusty chair.

Tied down hand and foot, gagged as well. The man tortured the helpless mute with a bat by beating his stomache and legs; with a lighter, he burned his arms.

Michael wanted to scream out for help but he had forgotten how to talk, scream, or anything that has to do with a voice. So all he could do now was wait for his death to come.

The masked man pulled out his kitchen knife, the very knife used to send the final blow upon his family, now it will come in contact with him, he will finally rejoin his family in the sky.

The man leaned towards Michael and whispered, "I know who you are and you know who I am".

The stone child didn't know what he was talking about. The man removed with mask with a smile that would even make the devil scatter and hide with fear.

"All I wanted was for you to talk. It's too late to aplologize." With that said, the man stabbed Michael straight into his chest. Michael coughed up blood but with his gag on, he was forced to swallow it.

"W-who are y-y-you?" Michael asked after the man removed his gag.

The unmasked man smiled and replied, "Goran".

The stone child's eyes widen then they rolled upwards towards heaven. His head leaned back and he died. Goran gave a satisfying smile, took the body away into a closet where the others where and cleaned himself of the blood.


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