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A Spin on The Hunger Games

Short story By: callmecaylen

This is an alternate ending to the book "The Hunger Games."

Submitted:Apr 13, 2012    Reads: 49    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Blood splatters across my face, I hear Peeta shout out my name. I look for him, and there I find him on the ground hopeless. I know I can't save Peeta now, I might not be able to save myself. I am worried that I won't make it home to Prim and my Mom. Will I ever be able to tell Gale I love him? Oh my, is it really true? Do I love the boy who promised to keep my family safe? Is that feeling I felt in the woods with him really love? I think I do love Gale. I look over again, but this time Peeta is not alive, Cato suffocated him with vines. Now Cato is running towards the Cornucopia where I am climbing. When Cato reaches the Cornucopia. he puts these black gloves on, and he starts to climb faster than me, maybe even faster than Rue. Faster than I realized Cato was there right beside of me. I panic and creep back, but I start to lose my balance. Falling off the tip of the cornucopia I see my life flash before my eyes. I see everyone's faces staring back at me in my mind. This is the End. Cato has won the Hunger Games for a second everything turns black, but then I see Cato again, he is shouting and jumping. I find myself standing up, how could this be? I just fell , I have to be dead. I look down and find my body lying there without a heartbeat. I am startled by the sight. I look at my arms, but they are still there, but my body is on the ground. This can't be happening! I run to Cato and shake his shoulders and scream his name, but he doesn't seem to notice. Am I a ghost? The hover craft appears to take away my body. I watch myself float up into the air, I wait for my spirit to disappear into the clouds, but I stay here. Soon Cato's hover craft appears. It's shiny and bright blue unlike the ones that take away the bodies. Cato runs to the ladder and climbs it. I watch the hover craft fly away into the sunset. I am left alone in this evil place. I think about the others, and wonder if they are still here too. I decide to go looking for the others in the woods. The sun fades away into the horizon. In the dark I start to hear voices. I hear Rues sweet voice calling my name, I hear Peeta's moans and Thresh's laughter. The voices aren't going away. I see eyes in the trees. Things are watching me. Buzzing is all around me. The memories of the hunger games are invading my mind. My soul is being haunted, how long will this last?


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