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Locked in a Snowstorm

Short story By: Cassandra Anastasia

This a chapter of a story about people at a school getting trapped in a gymnasium when they get snowed in. Strange circumstances cause them to confess their darkest secrets. Will they survive? (like it or comment if you want me to turn it into a novel love your feedback thanks)

Submitted:Nov 30, 2012    Reads: 143    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

It was a normal day like any other. The sky was gray, and although there were no clouds, it looked as if rain was soon coming.Stacy Bridges and her friends had just arrived at the school they all went to, Dunlap High. In the hallway, she passed her boyfriend, Liam, and looked away. They had just gotten into an argument when she accused him of talking to another girl.She knew it was silly, but Stacy, the most popular girl in school, would not be taken for granted. She felt it was a privilege to be dating a beauty like her, even though she usually came off as shallow and conceited.Now, her best friend Ashley nudged her softly.

"Hey Stace," she said, "The principal just said to report to the gym. We're on rainy day scedule."

"Why? It's not even raining!"Stacy exclaimed.

They stormed off, angry.

When they reached the gym, Stacy saw Britney, her worst enemy and the most unpopular girl in school. Britney was quiet and shy, but an extremely nice person. Up until middle school, her and Stacy were best friends. But when Britney fell behind in the fashion trends, Stacy ditched her for trendy Ashley Summers. Today, Britney was wearing a black turtle neck that Stacy practically gagged at.

"Eeew! That thing is hideous! Why do you always wear turtle necks? You know they went out of style-hmm, let's see- oh yeah, they were never in style!You'd have to be seriously mental to wear something like that!" Stacy told her her meanly.

Britney just looked down and sighed. If only Stacy knew the secret she had been keeping since seventh grade.

With a flp of her hair, Stacystrode past Britney to her entourage of preppy teenagers wearing revealing yet trendy clothes.

"HeyStace, what's new? I heard you're dating Brandon now, " said a very skinny girl named Natalia.

"That's bull. I'mtotes too good for Brandon. Me and Liam are just having a few probs right now.But we better shut up, the principal's looking at us. I think she's about to start announcements," Stacy replied. If only Natalia knew who she really liked. A secret was nagging at her, butshe knew that if she told, she would be an outcast.

The principal started to speak, then stopped abruptly. Everyone looked to see what was the matter with her. Then, the whole gym went silent as something began to swirl in the air outside. It was as if there was a black paintbrush making a swirl in the gray sky.Stacy and her entourage felt everything go horrrifyingly white.Underneath their veil of sleep,they felt cold. And cold alone.


Opening one eye, the first sensation Stacy Bridges felt was bitter cold. Her body was numb, probably because she was dressed in a rippedpink tank and miniskirt. She heard a voice coming from the right.

"What-what's going on? I-i-is anyone awake? Please!? It's s-s-so cold!" Ashley said, promptly bursting into tears.

"Ash, Ash, it's okay. I'm awake. We can keep eachother warm. You come over here and anyone else who's awake, " Stacy said in a soothing voice.

A few other voices chimed in, and soon, between people's sweatshirts and body heat, everyone was clustered together and finally warm.

"Okay, we'll start with the basics. We have 25 people here, most of the people who were on the left side of the gym when, well, what did happen?"

A stone-faced boy returned from the window. " It-it looks like snow. We're snowed in!" he exclaimed.



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