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Forgivness from a past life

Short story By: ClareAnderson30896

This isn't much of a story and it's not ture or anything but i wouldn't read it if your sensitive to death etc...
it's about a girl waiting for her brother to return while she's stuck with her step-mother and the step-mother gets out of control...

Submitted:Sep 6, 2015    Reads: 83    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

She sat on the stairs waiting, he wasn't coming home but she still sat there. It had been almost a year since her brother left. He would always tell her to be strong but he hadn't taken his own advice. He left because he couldn't handle it and now she was alone. The past was around her very close threating to suffocate her and destroyed the last bit of hope she held onto for life. He had said he would return, so she waited for him. The grey stairs were cold and hard. The wind picked up in the sky and the thunderclouds were teasing her, spiting down on her broken soul.

She lived in a dark, cold side street in a two bedroom apartment with her step-mother. The one who she knew killed her father although she loved her, because she had only become the person who ripped apart her life and torched her soul leaving it to rot due to alcohol and drugs. She keep telling herself that her step-mum never meant any of it, and prayed that it was true. Her brother was the only real family she had, he was two years older and they were closer than a husband wife. He was her life support. They shared the same rags which clumped under the stairs as which they had to sleep, they did every piece of dirty hard house work together and shared the same dreams, to never lose each other. They didn't bother dreaming about a kind family which they knew was impossible or food to eat, all they wanted was to never lose their heart. The step-mother had already slowly executed there soul but their mind stayed in the grubby body for which they had to live. He was lucky to escape weather dead or alive he was in a better place. Why he left her she didn't know as long as his mind had found a hint of serenity she was happy. Happy to be beat each day and always treated like a rat, happy to be insulted and constantly reminded that she was worthless and unimportant. She had never left the property which spread out over 9 square meters, she had only ever experienced what she saw from behind the tall black gate which she lay at bay. She tried telling her step-mother the right thing only to be knocked unconscious on numerous occasions.

Then that day came her step-mother was drunk, as usual but when she came home from a night at the club a strange older man was with her. Once she got inside he beat her and told her that it wasn't worth it. He left her there and went on his way. The girl rushed to her aid, only when the step-mother came to her eyes were so filled with furry and anger that she jumped up knocking the coffee table and started chocking the child placing all her anger on her. Yelling and spitting in her face, "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT YOU STUPID WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT, YOU DID THIS MADE ME LOSE HIM AND LIVE IN THIS HELL HOLE, IT'S ALL YOU, BITCH!! I HOPE YOU DIE A HORRIBLE SLOW DEATH AND YOUR SOUL IS NEVER QUIET!! MAY YOU BE SCARED FOREVER HAUNTED BY ME!!" she cucked the child against the wall, with all her might. The girl lay unconscious being haunted by her nightmares which stalk her every night. While she lay in mangled ball with bruisers and broken limbs her step-mother picked up the rusty knife and slowly stabbed the child, allowing that pain to be brutal. The girl woke up screaming and wriggle with her blood pouring out of her mouth and wounds, she tried to wriggle away and drag her almost lifeless body away. But the step-mother didn't let her. Through the scream of terrorising pain and tears which she had though were all used up the girl pleaded with her. "Pleaseā€¦" she begged, "Please, I love you, why are you doing this to me? It doesn't have to be like this." He voice was all but gone and the step-mother again brought the knife down upon the child. "I'll slowly kill you like I did your annoying selfish brother!!!" the step-mother replied her eyes blinded by nothing but fake hatred. The girl froze letting her screams overfill her and any of the life or soul or mind that still glowed escape her and allow her broken body to travel to hell. She laid down on the cold splinted wooden floors and watched as the her last second ticked by looking into the eyes of her step-mother and only giving her one emotion, forgiveness.


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