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Unknown Witness

Short story By: CMMartin

Another way to look at a crime.

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Unknown Witness

It happened so quickly that there was not much anyone could have done. Jenny from apartment 3B came out of the building like she did every night about this time. She began to walk to the north on her usual route when she was confronted by three men that I had never seen before. Jenny must have known them because she was holding a pleasant conversation with one of the fellows. I could not quite hear what they were saying because I was too far away but moving in closer I overheard this man tell her that she was going to get what she deserved. The conversation quickly turned into a struggle, but with three of them they soon overpowered her and dragged her into my dark ally. I don't think that anyone but me had seen her being kidnapped and I was far too scared to stand up for her. There was one man that was clearly in charge and was giving the orders to the other two. With them being much closer to me know I could hear everything that was being said. I was apparent that Jenny had somehow, at least in their eyes, wronged them in some way. Savagely beating her with whatever they had handy the three men tore Jenny's clothes from her body. With every ripe and tare of her garments you could see mark after mark on her smooth skin. I believe that the intent was to have sex with her whether she wanted to or not. Screaming at the top of her lungs Jenny bagged and pleaded for the three of them to stop. I wanted so badly to help her but fear for my own life came between me and heroism. It was hard to believe that no one would come and help this poor woman, but in this neighborhood a person screaming as loud as they could was normal. Nearly naked know Jenny was forced to the ground by two of these men and the third prepared himself for the pleasure he was about to take. Kneeling and take his place between Jenny's thighs she begged him one last time to stop. Grinning from ear to ear he leaned over her and grabbed a handful of her hair. As he made contact with her open womanhood he forced himself into her with tremendous force. Gasping for breath Jenny cringed in pain with every thrust of his manhood. The blood began to leak from her as he took the last piece of innocence that she had left to give. The cries were so painful to hear I had to cover my ears because I could not bear to listen. One of the other men began to speak telling John that he needs to take it easy because he would like her to be alive for his turn. John turned his head to the other and glared then spoke telling his companion to shut his mouth and not to tell him how to fuck on his time. Returning his attention back to Jenny, John closed his eyes and pushed for what was going to be the best climax of his life. With a loud manly grunt John deposited his seed deep inside Jenny and as quick as he started it ended just as abruptly. It was no more than ten seconds from the time that John finished with Jenny that the next man in line took his place. By now Jenny was numb to the pain. Just laid there to take what the next two assailants dished out, there was no more screaming that came from Jenny's mouth anymore. This made it much less exciting for John's two underlings. Like the first exchange the second took place just as quickly. Finally, pushing himself off Jenny the last of the three men rose up and they all stood over her not sure what to do next. It was clear that none of these men had ever done anything like this before. They began to debate about what to do with her when Jenny began to speak. She looks them all in the eyes and told them that they could just leave her there and no one would ever have to know about this. John laughed at her and said he didn't think that it was going to be that easy. Jenny slowly began to stand up facing John's two goons pleading for them to let her go. I don't even think that she saw this coming, but with one fluid motion John cut into the flesh of her neck. Blood instantly covered his two accomplices with the density of white washing a fence. Every inch of these two men was covered with the stick mess. Jenny fell straight to the ground as the last of her life drained from her body. She gasped for air in large gulps only to lose each breath as John watched her soul leave her body. A tear fell from her eye knowing that his was the last face that she would ever see on this earth. John's two partners stared in disbelief as he stole the life of this woman with such ease. Looking up at the two John asked if they had a problem with what he had done to which they both responded with a quick no. Under cover of darkness the three of them ran off into the night. As they left I came out of my hiding spot to determine what to do next. Walking by Jenny's now limp body I didn't relies that I was tracking right thru her life's blood. Looking down and seeing what I was walking thru it scared me and I ran as fast as I could to get as far away as possible. I want to tell someone about this so badly, but I know that I couldn't get anyone to understand me. It is hard for me because I have seen things that I know need to be told but I can't. You see it is because I am a cat and no one would understand anyway.


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