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The marvelous adventures of Louis and Geoffrey

Short story By: CSR Daniels

Something kinda scary :D

Submitted:Sep 3, 2013    Reads: 59    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

"Don't do this, please?"

"God why do they always beg? Good question, look shes running." I walked behind her, those heels clicking as she shambled and made her way through the dark room...Blind trying to get to the light at the end of the room, "I see all though, the darkness is my friend." I smiled remembering how I was told that I had always favored the dark over, going as far to say that I tried to crawl back into her the first time I hit light at birth. She tripped and fell hard onto the floor, now screaming. "And the screaming always with the screaming." Louis never liked screaming, he approached from the dimly lit room across the hallway. He was grotesque, at least eight feet tall, a swollen mishapen neck and head with a fat purple tounge that stuck out between his tounges.

"Um you might want to stop screaming Louis doesn't like screaming." I said to the young woman, hardly heard though as she wailed loudly. Louis descended upon her, "Ah this part is the worst." I tried to look away as Louis gripped her with those tree limb arms, his steel grip making her yell out in pain. She tried to twist away, punching and kicking his body, he only began to yuck and laugh as he grabbed her by the neck with his free hand. She looked back at me, her big brown eyes wet with tears. "Big brown eyes, ah reminds me of the farm." I smiled, I remember how mom loved her little farm, dad had left her before I was born.

"He was a wandering man, charasmatic and he knew his way into a womans purse and into her." My mother would always tell me, "he left us with this and always said, "Oh lookie hey Frannnie, imma leave ya's with da land, tend to er and the mal's be backs for ya you hear?" And all I could ever do was laugh." "Ah ma she was the best yeah?" I watched as the woman struggling lessened bit by bit as her face changed from a slight purple to a crimson red, her body moving herky jerkily. Louis laughed as her body slowly started to give up the fight for consciousness, his mass and the assault were far too much for her as she fainted.

"Louis I think she is out now." I said as the behemoth tightened his grip around her wind pipe, looking up at me with child like eyes he let go, "Go on," I motioned to the door, "Get your tools." His eye's seemed to brighten at this as he stood and walked out the door and then looked back at the body of the woman, "Go on big guy I'll watch her."

I didn't want to touch the woman, to have her scent would make me a target for what was to come, I only needed to do such deemening things as touch her when I brought her here. "A movie trailer and you are star material!" I had told the young woman, I looked over her, an attractive woman one though I had sworn off women long before I had met Louis and his...Ways. Mother would always say to me, "Boy! You do't need no od'er gurls outside uh yo good ole ma'am, no one else would treat ya as good ya knoes?" I always nodded and said yes ma'am but that was before the monster came and took her away.

I shake myself and watch as Louis walked back into the room with his huge butchers blade, a hungry and gleeful look on his face. "He always goes for the neck to detach the head first." Louis swung his blade down in a large sweeping arc, detaching the womans head with a solid thunk, the copper smell filled the small room. Before? I would have lost the meal I had eaten before watching him taking apart a human body, eventually they just became ways to keep him satisfy and all of them began to blur together. "Blur...."

My mother's warm smile as she handed me my candy, "Ah we did so love the candy yeah? It just made us happy and love mother." That night was hot and sticky I had gone to bed, wondering how mom and I were going to have fun with the animals and play and live a normal life. That night was terrible.... I still remember her screams for me, she called out my name as the monsters attacked her, doing despicable things to her and making her hurt. She screamed my name one more time and I ran to her room, to find the window wide open and her blood and other fluids all over her bed and wall. "M...Mom?" I remember asking shakily, but I knew she was gone, never to smile, never to hold me or give me my candy. I held her bloodied head in my arms, her blood soaking my shirt as I cried until my eyes were puffy. That night, I ran, gathering up all the money mom had ever worked for and saved and my clothes I ran far and fast, not wanting the killer to catch me next. I remember the news called it a slaughter, "Janice Gredens raped and murdered in suburban home, killer on the run, looking for Geoferry Gredens, son, for questioning." A brief description of me and a picture was shown, "They probably want to find you and ask you about the monster....But no. The monster would find you. Run!" So I ran, crying and weeping.

The snapping of bones and tearing of skin brought me back to my senses as Louis was now taking chunks of the womans flesh and savoring them as his pale face was stained red. Louis was, well, I wasn't sure I just know I owed him a great deal of debt for taking me in and saving me from a gang of muggers. That night I learned his secret need for the flesh of his own kind as he consumed the bodies of the would be assaulters, I could only watch horrified as he went about tearing into the men, clothing, gore all just flying as he ate away. That was four years ago, I hadn't eaten since. The noise he made, sounded strange to me, that yucking noise. Something he had just start up again,


"Yuck yuck" I took a step back and gasped looking at him.....

"Louis?" He looked up and smiled, "Was it him? Wait yes. The noise." I had never told Louis about the killing or why I was on the run we never talked much, he just seemed to know. I slowly made my way over to the dresser in the room, easing out a small hand pistol. Louis was too preoccupied by his meal to notice me, I stood behind his, crouched, monsturous form. I pulled the hammer back, begining to sob at was I was about to do. "Louis?" He looked back at me and I pulled the trigger, the world turned black.

"Sarge what do we have here?" The police officer asked, Sergeant Malone stood from the two dead bodies.

"Suicide after cannabalisim. God... looks like a 10-56 and a 187," He shook his head, "Geoferry Gredens the serial killer with a condition. About ten years back he well, this madness started after he raped and killed his own mother." The officer looked at the left over face that was once Geoferry Gredens, the round pudgy face barely held together by skin now. "Lets report this in."


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