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Contact from beyond

Short story By: declan mckimm

This may be quite frightening for some people, but basically, it is what the title says, with a surprise twist at the end. Enjoy!

Submitted:Feb 4, 2012    Reads: 82    Comments: 18    Likes: 7   

Four people gathered round the table. Three men, and one woman. All of them were in their early twenties, and they were trying to make contact with an old school teacher of theirs who had recently died.

The table was round, and in the centre of it, there was an ouija board. All four people grabbed hold of the planchette, and it began to move. It was obvious that the immature one, David, was moving the planchette.

"David!" yelled Craig, "you're ruining it!"

"This is ridiculous!" yelled Monica.

"I think David should let go of the planchette, and let us three do it", said Graham.

David let go of the planchette, but yet, it still moved.

"Alright", said Monica, "who's moving it this time?"

Graham could not help but laugh.

"Alright", he said, "you two do it".

Monica and Craig both had their right hand on the planchette, and it moved.

"Stop moving it!" cried Monica.

"I thought you were moving it!" yelled Craig.

"You're freaking me out!"

"You're freaking ME out!"

The planchette carried on moving, and it spelled, "MONICA".

The three men laughed. "OK", said Monica, "what are you going to say next, Craig?"

The planchette moved, and it spelled the word, "BITCH".

The three men continued to laugh, and Monica realised that she had been pranked.

"You didn't want to contact Mr Welsh at all, did you?" she said.

The men continued to laugh, until suddenly, the candle lights went out.

"How on Earth did that happen?" asked David.

"How did you do that?" asked Monica.

"We didn't plan that!" cried Graham.

Suddenly, the curtains opened by themselves. Monica noticed the three men at the other side of the room. She was freaked out for a second, but then thought that there was someone behind the curtain.

"Very funny", said Monica, "who is that? Mike? Barry?"
"We have no idea how that happened!" cried Craig, "we swear it!"

"Yeah right", said Monica, checking behind the curtain, "well, I wonder where he's gone".

Suddenly, Monica saw a glowing person outside of the window.

"Oh...my...God!" she screamed.

"What is it?" asked David.




The three men did not believe her until they saw him themselves. He was walking towards the building.

"It is him!" cried the three me together.

"He's coming for me!" cried a stunned Monica.


Monica froze. She was stood there, catatonic.



"You what?"

"I killed him"


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