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A Beary surprising truth!

Short story By: esilva01

This short story is about a guy named Jake who uncovers a mystery! It involves Mindy and Cindy two land business owners who only want to make money off of people. Anyway, this story takes place in a forest and hunting season is approaching! Find out what Jake uncovers while he goes hunting!

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In the newspapers people were terrified with what they saw. It read that people who recently hiked into the forest had mysteriously disappeared. Hunters were only getting more and more anxious. They all thought that it was a grizzly that had caused all these disappearances. Hunting season was approaching and every hunter was waiting like when a snake waits for its prey to get near in order to strike! There was only one day left and people were already buying their bait and equipment. It was only a small town that looked for the bear. In this town there were Mindy and Cindy. Two people who owned a property in which people hunted. They charged people for hunting in their property.
In the first day of the hunting season everybody was already out hunting. They had all set traps and none worked. Men were all in a group together and camped out together. At night some of the hunters said that they had spotted the bear that was at least one meter , but when standing up at least three meters! Other hunters were surprised they didn't expect a bear that big of a size. Among these hunters there was Jake. A 16-year old boy who was destined to be a future hunter. He had green eyes and black hair. He sat peacefully hearing them all discuss what they were to do about the bear.
"I think we should separate in groups and set traps in different locations. Afterwards we wait and while we're waiting we try to lure the bear in" said a hunter in the far corner. He was holding a twig drawing a map on the floor trying to show everyone what exactly he meant.
"But what if the trap screws up" questioned another. Many hunters were extremely nervous about this trip. They thought that maybe the bear that had killed all these hikers and thought I might be next.
"He's right and also we don't want to separate into groups because it makes our chances higher that we could get attacked by a bear." Everybody nodded their head nervously agreeing with him because they also didn't want to put their life at risk.
Jake tired of hearing their discussions just went inside the tent and went to sleep. At night he had a dream that the bear had kidnapped some hunters. He was chosen to go after the bear by himself. He had a weapon in his hand, he walked around the forest. Then he came face to face with the bear, he had the weapon in his hand aimed at the bear, and pulled the trigger.
"Ah!"Jake immediately woke up and found that the tent opposite of his was torn everywhere. The rest of the hunters were scared, but Jake wasn't. They discovered that the people that weresleeping in there were kidnapped by the bear. Everybody immediately packed their things and went in search for them. Jake spotted tracks of the oversized bear. Blood significantly followed these tracks. They followed the tracks until there was a sign that read you are now entering Cindy and Mindy's property. Next to the sign was Cindy with her blonde hair running down her back.
"You want your friend back? You're going to have to pay in cash." She reached out her hand while every hunter including Jake reached into their pocket and laying cash in her hand.
They continued their search, but found nothing. After going into Cindy and Mindy's property the tracks vanished. They stopped in an area and decided to continue the search in the morning. They took as long as two hours just to set up their tents and everything else. Everybody was already asleep when Jake thought to himself, what was Cindy doing there at midnight? All these questions came to mind. Later that night he went to sleep and never had that dreaded dream again.
Jake woke early and had cereal for breakfast. Everybody was already up and silence covered the forest. It was more quiet than when you play hide and seek. Jake just ate his breakfast peacefully thinking about that question over and over again.
"Look, I know there is a grizzly out there, those hunters were our friends, and we should help. We should go in separate groups and come back here in about three hours." Jake thought that being in separate groups has its advantages and disadvantages. Everybody agreed and was soon ready to explore the woods. Jake decided to go on his own and he was first going to Cindy's cabin to ask her a couple questions.
They soon left and Jake was now on his own. He walked and walked. He felt like an ant trying to make a trip around the world on foot. When he reached her cabin he didn't knock. He just wanted to give her a piece of his mind. He peeked inside and found Mindy her sister putting on a bear costume!
She was the bear! They only wanted to get people to pay in cash to make more money. He also saw those hunters who had been kidnapped by the bear. They had scammed everybody and there was really no bear.
"When will I get paid?" A hunter who supposedly had disappeared last night was getting paid to act out the scene. Jake simply couldn't believe it. Then Cindy came into the room without seeing Jake holding a jug of red liquid. Jake immediately began to think. He asked himself questions like could that be blood? Where did they get it from? Cindy laid the jug on the sofa and sat starring at Mindy putting on the bear suit.
"I hope the fake blood doesn't stain my jacket" Cindy added.
"Cindy, did the fake blood behind those fake bear tracks make the hunters believe that I had taken those missing hunters?" Mindy questioned just about everything because she didn't want to go out wearing that suit during the hunting season.
Jake then ran out the door accidentally making it slam behind him. Wham! Cindy, Mindy, and the hunter all turned towards the door. Through the blinds they saw that Jake had busted them and was now running away. They ran behind him and would not lose sight of him. Jake kept running until he reached a radio station just about a kilometer away. They were so exhausted and they wanted to stop, but they couldn't let him go.
When Jake reached the radio station he ran directly to the phone. He picked it up quickly and dialed 911. While the line was on hold Jake locked all doors not letting them come in.
"911 emergency how can we help you?"
"Listen I'm Jake, Jake Garcia! I am in the radio station and I am being threatened by landowners."
"Who exactly?"
"Cindy and Mindy! Please help me I beg you!"
"Okay, we will send a unit right over!" Jake hung up and noticed what they were trying to do. Cindy, Mindy, and the hunter were trying to break the glass windows in order to get in. Jake didn't know what to do. So, he went into another room and found a closet. He hid fast in the closet before they saw him.
Then he heard a loud noise. Crack! They had shattered the windows and were now searching the place. This station had at least six rooms. They searched here and there, but couldn't find him it was like find a needle in a haystack. They all thought he wasn't there so moved on to the next room. While they searched other rooms he ran out the closet and out the door. When he did that they all reacted and started to follow him. As soon as he opened the door police men were holding their weapons aimed at them. When Cindy, Mindy, and the hunter saw this they immediately put their hands in the air. The police approached them all except Jake and handcuffed them.
"You are under arrest" he said firmly. Jake then showed them clues that lead to the fact that they had sold everyone out of their money. When he was done the police officer nodded and patted him on the back. Jake knew exactly why he had done that.
He then remembered he had to meet everyone back at camp. He was given a ride by the police officer to camp then saw everyone gazing at him while their mouths dropped open.
"Let's continue our hunting and by the way now everyone doesn't need to pay in order to stay here." They started cheering because of how happy they were. Then hunted and soon it was dark again. They started a camp fire and made smores. That's when Jake started to tell everyone how exactly he solved his mystery.

Mindy, Cindy, and that hunter were sentenced in jail for at least 8 years. They would complain every time they took them out to do community service. Everyone in town drove by and stared in astonishment as the richest people in the whole town did community service, but hey you need to pay the price for anything you did wrong and suffer the consequences.


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