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The Legacy of the Clown

By: Fresenbet

Page 1, Kidnapped by an evil clown.

"Leave my baby alone, you monster!" shouted Diana, trying to free herself from the shackles. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She wasn't enough for him and now he wants to go hunt her only daughter. This was too much for her. She closed her eyes and tried to silence her mind for a moment. She woke up early to go to her office and finish some work, instead she was kidnapped before she even got out of the house. She knew kidnappings happen, but has never dreamed she would be another addition to the police's list of vanished people. She tried to assess her environment and found out that her kidnapper has thought this very carefully. The room had only one door and no windows. Even if she somehow freed herself from the shackles, she knew she wouldn't get far. There was no sound of any kind coming from outside the walls, which meant the place was isolated. She could shout and yell but nobody would hear her cry for help. It was hopeless. Her tears escaped her and trickled down her cheeks. Who was she kidding? She could never escape. This was "The Clown" that kidnapped her. She tried to plea.

"Please..." she began, but her throat was dry. She swallowed and looked at his back. "Please leave my baby alone. Do what you like to me, but leave her alone."

The man turned around to face her. He wore a full clown costume. He flashed a smile at her and raised his right hand to reveal a shiny stabbing knife. She cried out with panic, imagining what he could do to her. His smile widened.

"Why?" she asked, her voice cracking. "What did i do to you?"

It was a good question, he thought. A question he knew the answer to. He looked at her face. She was beautiful. That was the second reason he chose her. The first was her strength. She was a strong and independent women, and that made her more attractive in his eyes. He studied her and knew that he got what he was after. Fear. Fear inside the eyes of the strong. He could let her go....but he wouldn't.

He walked to the spot where she was tied, made a long audible sniffing sound, and felt pure terror rise up his nose. This was his bliss. His cocaine. This particular smell though, was special, since this would be his last victim. He was retiring after twenty years and fifty bodies.

"I have a suprise for you" he said, and held her face between his hands. " But before that, i have something to tell you." He added, and planted a soft kiss on her forehead. She panicked and he saw it in her face. He doubled over with laughter and frowned just as quickly, playing his clown character. "Last year, Your daughter spent a little time with me." He said and smiled, knowing she would understand.

"It was" her voice trailed off.

"Yes, me." he said,while tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. " The media hailed her as "The sole survivor of the mad clown" and the police congratulated her on her brave escape." He chuckled. " Funny isn't it? How naive people are?"

She was unable to respond.

" I saw the news and with every anchor's mention of her name, i knew that my plan was working."

"What plan?" she asked, her eyes wide. Whatever plan this madman has made for her daughter, she knew it would never be a good one.

"Ahh...all will be revealed in time." he answered, with a dramatic voice. "But did you really think she escaped?" he asked, sounding amused. He steping back and allowing her eyes to take him in. "From me?"

No. She knew it was very unlikely that Josie, her sweet sixteen years old emotionally fragile girl, escaped from this maniac.

"No." he said, as if he knew what she was thinking. "I let her go. But during our time together, we talked. She told me about everything... though it was quiet a challenge to persuade her to open up at first." he finished, and began eyeing the knife in his hand with an expression she could only decode as worship. " Today she completes her last test and the legacy of the clown will continue..." he said, exuberantly. His last words caught her offguard and she felt as if her heart split in half. She felt something was about to go wrong. Very wrong.

"Josie..." he called out, with a soft voice. A young girl opened the door and stepped inside quietly, her eyes on the tied up women screaming her name. He went up to the girl and kissed the top of her head adoringly.

"Finish her." He whispered.

"Yes master." she said, as he handed her the knife he was holding. He watched quietly as she strode to her mother's side and stab her twice in the stomach without any hesitation. The third stab was even more beautiful, seeing as it went straight through her vocal cords. The blood violently gushed from the neck wound, as josie turned towards her master, with total devotion in her eyes. He smiled. He extended his hand towards her, gesturing her to come to him. He was correct.

The legacy of the clown will continue.

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