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Tags: Oops, Bad, Awesome, Words

This story has been in my head for two days and I have been working on it in my head for hours! I hope you like the prolouge for B r e a t h e Part 1!

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I'm srry if you don't like it,I worked very hard on it so I hope you like it!! =) Marissa Duncan's POV. I wake up with the sun blazing in my eyes.I moan in responce of the sun as a roll over on the other side.But when I thought I coulkd finally sleep nice,I thought wrong.The radio sang a tune as my eyes opened wide.I look over to the radio to see the time is only nine.My friends would be coming over at one.I scrape the covers off my body,revealing my bra and some shorts and pull my legs off of the bed.My feet touch the hard wood floor as I moan in frustration.Why do I abuse myself into waking my up this early?I curse in my head.I walk over to my bathroom to find everything in order;the shampoo's neatly placed in a row by the shower,The mirror being so shiny in it's place right on top of the sink,and ofcourse the soothing smell of Banana Cream Pie awaits as the candles get lit and soflty melt.I cover the window with the blinds as I strip myself down to only,well,nothing! I turn the hot and cold knob to a mixture of the middle to soove my skin.I jump in and let the water dripple down my skin in peace and relaxation.After that nice shower,I walk over to the closest and pull out a simple bra,tank top and some khaki pants.I dry my hair with the dryer and softly put my hair in a sloppy ponytail as I walk down the plush stairs. The smell of homemade waffles awaits to me when I walk into the kitchen to see my fourteen year old brother sitting on the chair and my dad cutting and eating some waffles."Goodmorning Miss Mars" he says my nickname and chews a mouthful of waffle."Goodmorning dad.And good-Well,it was untill I saw your face" I say and glare at Joey."My pleasure to make your morning miserable".I grunt as I pick up some waffles and start eating. 2:59 pm. I lay my back down on the leather sofa as the T.v. produces reruns of my favorite show,Friends.That's when I hear the doorbell ring and hear my brother moan and race up the stairs.I run over to the door to find Avalin and Misty with their sporty stuff on."Well,let's get to it"!Avi says as we run to the garage.We grab our bikes and head out into the street.After awhile I feel doozy and don't see where i'm going.That's when I hear the fade cry of two girls screaming and a car slamming against my cold,hard body.The place is silent for a little. Cliff Hanger


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