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H o p e:P r o u l o g e

Short story By: gwenlover123

Melaney Deck is a 13 year old who gets murdered and ressurected into a 17 year olds body.She will do anything to get her hands on her killer.Read threw the prolouge and find out what happens!!!

Submitted:May 30, 2010    Reads: 73    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Melaney Deck's POV. It all started when I was murdered.I used to be a 13 year old named Alexandra Jones.But then,that one day,when I was walking home from school,it happened.A red volvo came zooming out of nowwhere and two guys came out and picked me up.I rtied to scream and yell "Help"! But nothing came out of my mouth.They raped me and took all my blood out.I got knocked out and lost my breathe.When I woke up,I was not in Michigan anymore.There were flowers blooming everywhere and the sun was so bright I couldn't even see the sky.Was I in Heaven?No.I stood up and started to sparkle.Little by little,I got higher and higher untill finally,I fell to the ground with a clasp and didn't look like myself.My hair was now long and brown,not short and Ginger.My freckles have dissapered and my nose got little and plump.I was naked and in a pitch black room.Where was I?But the important question was;Am I dead? A door opened and a bright light came into the room.A man walked up to me and and a quiet and gentle voice comes out from nowwhere."Hello.My name is Joseph Deck.I am your adopted father.Please stand up".I follow his directions and stand up."You can get dressed in the clothes over there,and meet me outside".I nod and walk over to a little corner in the room.I dress up in some skinny jeans and a light sweatshirt.I scrape my hair to one side and put it in a pony.I walk out of the room and tried to find the bathroom.I had no glasses and hazel brown hair.I went to the bathroom and found my way outside to find Joseph standing by a car with a girl around my age standing right next to him."Ok sweety,your new name is Melaney Deck and this is your sister,Skylar.She is my real daughter.You both are 17".I nod as we get into the car."The police found you in an abandoned building with all of your blood out.They looked into all your things and saw that your name used to be Alex Jones.They looked at you know and thought that you were ressurected,which you are.So your destiny in life is to find your killer and kill him/her.Ok"? I nod and look at his daughter.She has beautiful blonde hair with blue eyes and tan skin.I have pale skin.When we get to a house,he says something to me;"This is your new house".Wow. The end of H o p e-P r o u l o g e.


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