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The Count Down

Short story By: Hinoglue

For a contest...

Submitted:Sep 11, 2011    Reads: 19    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

The Count Down

I stood there, my legs growing tired, watching as the clouds gently rolled across the sky. Cacti sat stalk still, rooted to the ground, like statues in a museum, not even swaying in the harsh wind. A vulture was perched on one, it's claws slicing through the plants structure. Ground mice scurried past me in a hurry, not wanting to be seen by the huge bird as they ran to their burrows, quite far away. A large snake slithered through the sandy dunes, like an agent on a mission. I could hear horses hooves, galloping towards me, their riders only wanting to accomplish one thing, and one thing only.

I pivoted on my feet, glancing in the horses direction, they were getting closer. I was soon able to see the bright red hat, balancing oddly on the head of the man who took the lead. Behind him, four more horses ran like the wind, wanting to finish their job as fast as possible.

I knew it was no use to run, they would catch up to me soon enough, so I just waited, my mind passing over all the things I lived for and cherished. Everything I had known and loved, possessed and adored.

The sound of pounding hooves were louder now, I could feel the vibrations creeping up from the ground and into my soul, as if a pack of wildebeest were migrating in the African plains. I began to count down from fifty.


They drew closer still, and the vulture took off from its perch and went soaring into the sky. I watched it as it over took the speedy clouds in search for food. It started to circle above a large carcass, to what it belong, it was impossible to tell. More birds began to rise into the sky and circle above it, then they all dove, feasting upon the rotting animal, ripping out all of it guts and tissue.


The snake had returned, a round bump in its body, telling me it had successfully completed its mission. My eyes followed as it wound down the vast open space, eventually slithering into a hole in the ground, that was hidden underneath a large rectangular rock. I edged away from it.


The riders were here, they began to surround me, like wolves around their prey. I gulped, know that these seconds, were to be some of my last. I faced the man with the red hat, he smirked at me as they all took out a pistol from their holsters. The guns were raised, and I heard them laugh, each one starting after the one before them had begun. And then they were fired.



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