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escaping the cold

Short story By: indigosky

a girl in a "hospital" trying to break free.

Submitted:Dec 28, 2012    Reads: 50    Comments: 8    Likes: 3   

The dark sky washed over the looming concrete building that stood on top of the hill watching over the bright lights of the city. Its towering stone walls were blanketed by a thick fog, isolating it from the world. Inside the walls of the cold desolate hospital a cool breeze whispered through the deserted courtyard as the smell of freedom lingered outside the solid wooden door.

"No! I need to speak to..." the scream pierced the still air, ripping through shadowy courtyard. "I have to talk to him... He'll explain everything. There's been a mistake."Moments later there was silence once again. Her pleas echoed along the cramped corridors, slowly climbed the maze of stairs while turning into a whisper and eventually laying next to the numerous white doors.

Behind one of those doors, in a dark room, the whispers were heard. Francesca sat by the window looking into the empty courtyard through the iron bars as memories of her first day trickled into her mind.


"Why am I here?" as she walked through the soaring iron gates. She was faced a series of small grey blocks that stood in uniform surrounding a taller concrete building.

"To get better."

As she got closer to the grey monstrosity, her heart started racing! She had to get away, before they trapped her and she changed her the way they had her mother. Her mother had returned from her "holiday" in body but not in spirit. Her beautiful glowing skin was replaced by a dull pale face. Her eyes were empty and hard as if her free spirit had been sucked out. Her mother had become an empty shell, who spent the rest of her life sitting staring out of the window, as if she was searching for something. Unfortunately she never found it and remained lost for the remainder of her years…

"But there's nothing wrong with me." Before Francesca could turn to walk out her arms were locked behind her back. "No! Let me go! Let me go! There's been a mistake…" she screamed as she tried to pull away from them. Her soul roared urging her to get away. They were trying to kill her spirit and turn her into an empty shell that floated through life, forever lost.

"Don't be scared. We're all her to help you get better. "The nurse's cold grey eyes and sinister smile was the last thing she remembered before she was enveloped by darkness.


Running her pale hand down the window, Francesca took a deep breath and turned to look at the clock that hung on the whitewash wall- 12:30. It was time to go; to get run as fast and get far away as possible. She would run and never look back. All the time spent waiting, thinking, planning culminated into this moment. If she didn't go now she would be trapped forever.

She got up and quietly walked towards the door; taking one last look out of the window and turned the knob. Quickly scanning the long corridor and she stepped out of her room. Taking a sigh of relief she continued, carefully manoeuvred her feet avoiding the creaking floorboards.

She passed the consultation rooms in which she had wasted countless hours with various psychologists and psychotherapists answering useless questions about how she felt, claiming these would "help her get better" When she first arrived she would remain silent and refused to answer their questions, instead sat staring into their cold dark eyes. As time went on she realised that answering questions were meant that she had to see less of them. Every time she mentioned the future and possibly leaving the hospital, she could see the corners of their mouth curling into hooks, as they frantically scribbled notes. She had become good at lying and hiding how she really felt about things. Sometimes she would deliberately lie about her thoughts and feeling just to wind them up. She chuckled; they were so gullible believing every word from her mouth. She felt like a puppet-master pulling their strings.

She quickly glanced behind her as she descended down the stairs. She carefully placed each foot on the cold steps. Her heart was racing as she approached the entrance, she was nearly there. She could almost smell freedom. They hadn't cracked her; she had remained strong and fought till the end. She reached out...

"Where do you think you're going?"


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