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Surviving by Jason Wolf

Short story By: Jason Wolf

This is a very short story of a man who has been through a lot and is trying to survive. This is the alternate ending to The Trail. A 17 scene movie script that can be found on my page. This short stort is the reflections of a man who is facing death. He deals with the sensations and thoughts life throws at him in his final moments, only to remember that a horrible thing has fallen upon him and his beloved Emily. Help is close, if he can reach it.

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I remember crawling through the grass and ice cold rain falling on my skin. All I could do was crawl up the grassy hill. Sliding down in the mud because I couldn't use of my legs, but I didn't quit. I pulled and pulled every blade of wet grass, every dried out hard brown stem I could get my hands on.

The noise of people and cars were all around me. It occurred to me that I was so badly injured that I could be imaging it all in my head. My face hit the rain soaked ground and I laid there as the rain beat on my skull running down the sides of my head puddling up around my nostrils in the grass. Finally when I couldn't breathe anymore I forced a new thought in my mind. The cars and voices were real. They were looking for me. They are so close, PLEASE look here; I am here rang thru my head. I didn't have the strength to shout it.

My blood was in my mouth, I could taste iron like flavor. I will never forget the taste of blood. It came out of my mouth with a cough on to my hand. It was quickly washed away in the rain, but even though I could still smell it. I thought I am so close to death how can I feel all these things. The rain, the ground, the smells, the noises; I never lived life like this before. I have missed out on so much I remember thinking. How is it in my last moment of life I have lived so much?

Laying there so close to rescue and dying in the rain, the cold, cold rain. I closed my eyes and saw the thing that did this. Unbelievable it couldn't be real this was a dream; Wake up wake up. Why, how, could this happen. No one will ever know If I shut my eyes here and fall asleep. I will never wake up if I sleep I thought. When I closed my eyes for the brief moment, it was there under my eye lids waiting. It can't be, it can't be real. Then my mind cleared, the hazed and fog gave way to the thought where is she? Where is SHE? I yelled! EMILY! EMILY!

I raised my broken body off the ground, only a few inches before my arms gave in. My face drug against the grass as he lifted, "Sir, sir, I have you, you're alright." He yelled to me, "We will get you medical attention. Stay awake sir the paramedics need you to stay with us." The men worked to restrain me on a board to carry me up the hill. I saw flashing lights and police officers in rain coats running around.

I felt the officer reach into my pocket and remove my wallet. He asked me "Doug can you hear me? I need to know are you alone? Is there anyone else?"

"Is this real?" I asked.

"Yes sir this is real you're alive Doug." The officer said.

"Then no she…" "She didn't make it." I said.

"Doug where is she at?" He asked.

"I don't know so much blood. She ran away. It followed her, it followed her!" I tried telling them, but they didn't understand it got her.


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