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The sound of darkness

Short story By: John Xu

A tourist rented a room in an inn, and found that he was not alone in that room

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That was a day, a day when the drizzly sky was covered in clusters of dismal clouds.It cracked open with a bolt of lightning, stabbed down and retreated. The serpent of demon opened his eyes, and was ready for his next prey.

Anderson walked with his head down to avoid the rain. He was supposed to be taking the flight to home in the local airport.As a business man, he's taken his duty in every bit of his work."Damn the weather! !" He cursed as he slipped on the wet ground and almost fell down. Just like his godforsaken life. Anderson never got a chance to get promoted, and with a bunch of things waiting for him to handle,likemowing the lawn, he started to feel just like the rain.The rain started to become larger and it poured down on the lonely and vulnerable umbrella he held, bought from a umbrella store with twenty percent discount. It didn't work very well. The water all drifted through the polyster fibre and wounded down along it like wiggling snake. "Jesus Christ, it'sfucking gross." He glanced at the drifting water abhorredly. He was in the middle of an old street. The sign shook back and forth with creaking sounds´╝îpervaded the pouring rain.

He stumbled and headed towards the apartments on the one side of the street.The sewagesmelled horribly as the waste was flushed out from the underground and exposedby the heavy rain. " That's so disgusting. " He frowned and held his nose. The street was casted by the thick black except for a glowing light escaped, like that of a projector's light. Anderson walked by and was glad to see that there was an inn. The kind of house which usually sprawled in the countryside. They were of no nice quality, but at least it could be seen as a temporary shelter. That's what he was needed.

Inside the inn to the lobby, there sat an old woman behind the serving chair, reading the newspaper. She raised hereyebtows a little bit peeked at him through a thick glasses hanging on her face. " Yes?" She asked. " Oh, is here any vacant left. " "Follow me. " She raised and Anderson follow her upstairs. She pressed the switches on the wall and the light cracked open. The glowing light drove the damp darkness away a little bit.

Now he can see the hallway clearly with his bare eyes. It was builded probably several decades ago, perhaps even longer, with the slime sprawled on the floor with effluvium which took after a dead body byhere might have had a plant, a bonsai or anything like that back in time, but apparently they had vanished, swallowed by the endless darkness and the odor. Anderson followed the old woman upstairs, she seemed to be pretty familiar with the dark and the dead body odor. She did even not open the light sometomes. Her skinny body merged in the dakness which looked like s if she made all of these things.

The vacancy was down at the extreme of the third floor, right to the balcony. That's a goog thing to him, as it it might mitigate the odor and maybe he could hear the dripping rain to the gutter. " We offer hot water, the gas is right there and the hanger is there. " She said. "Why's there the strange smell?" " Oh, that's probably the street, we were in the street that wasn't much pleasant. But I bet you what,we will offer you a cozy room and there's no need of you to worryvabout that. " She grinned with her lousy and gross teeth exposed. That surely terrified him. Anderson was in a minute about to quit the room when he suddenly realized that here's the only place he could stay for tonight. Through the window he could see the lightning whipped the earth hard, struck it with all its might. The tense seized him and a sense of hallucination pounded his beating heart to made it even louder. He was in a cage, a cage where there's no way to get out, and through the fence, he could see the eyes hidden in the far away shadow of dark clouds. " Are you okay! " said the woman discreetly. "Oh, I'm fine, this room's fine. How much should I pay for tonight?" A snicker revealed on thw woman's face, for deal had been made.

The pale room was pervaded with the stale smell which was actually worse than outside. The wall was scrabbled with graffiti; the children drawing of the family, the names: Jimeno, Site, Geraldo, Peterson..... But the most of them were just emblazoned with intricated lines, twisted and turned.

Anderson reached out his hair gel and towel, ready for the shower. With his bare torso, he walked into the bathroom, feeling sort of relieved. The pervaded mist rose and the hotwater squirted out of the nozzle, obscured his vision and veiled everything. But somhow the nozzle shivered and moaned like the dying person, whipped by the wicked demon. After the showering, he took a long breath and wrapped him with the towel. He walked to the door and reached for the knob. Suddenly, the roar of thunder echoed at the wall and all the light was shutted down. " Og, great! This is so ironical that I live in the room that cannot even have the goddamn light. " He groped the thin air and finally touched the bed and immediately crumpled on it. Through the dark, Anderson relined and relaxed his eyes,left the past of glum life.

The sound emerged, it's the sound which was so familiar but so strange, it was so weak that it was almost not possible to tell. Anderson snapped his eyes open. It was completely dark in the room. The plank creaked reluctantly as he leaned up and tried to hear the sound. The sound quickly slipped from his grasp and there left the silent, again. He leaned back and pulled comfortable, there emerged again the indescribable sound as if something wad rubbing against the floor. What can it be, a rat, a piece of paper, some occupies downstairs. It couldn't be, not a chance could it be. Anderson jeered himself as being foolish to think of other people to be living there. " How could it be, you dumb. How could it be that anybody other than me will live in this stale ghetto.

The sound was vague, like the drizzles outside the inn. But it could not be the rain. It could never be the rain. It felt so close to him. Anderson shivered and buried himself under the quilt. " Maybe I should go downstairs and call the landlady. Maybe I should have the room checked out. " He mumbled to himself, disturbingly. " Oh, maybe not. " He hated to see that face again. The scornful expression on her face and the phoney tone. He stretched out his arms to open the lamp. Doesn't work at all. " Damn it! " He grumbled distressedly. The room was still pitch dark. And the sound loomed again, turned louder and louder. The sound like that of the one from deep throat. The desperating groan proliferated like a mutated virus, and crept from the right to the left, approached the shaking body. The body was huddled up and soaked with cold sweat. The sound was still getting louder and louder, increased in intensity which resulted in dreadful hiss and creak. Anderson's heart tightened " What if I died here. I still has my tax unpaid. And I promised Alex that I will buy him a new toy. The new toy racing car with the remote control. The lawn was left unmowed because the mower got broken. I could have fixed it before I left......" The figure probed out of the darkness which seemed to be darker than the dark itself. It wriggler visciously and plunged right towards the swaying body. The skinny torso, the shrieking sound " hiss, hiss, hiss...... " goes in a steady and wondrous pace, like the death knell.

" You really think it's just fine! I mean, somebody's get killed in this place. " " That's fine. This place does have lots of snakes. They probably sneaked in because of the warmth of the room! " " So how're you gonna do to that?" " Don't worry. I will sort that out. I know this place. People have to come because here's this is the only inn in this place. Just muzzle your mouth and nobody will know that there's a person died here. " The landlady squinted her eyes and chuckled. " hiss, hiss, hiss......" [END]


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