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The Creepy Town

Short story By: JohnHarper

Joe Macey is walking in the woods for some peace and quiet, but instead he finds his worst nightmare instead.

Submitted:Feb 27, 2013    Reads: 114    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

Author's Note:

Hey guys, thsi is my first story that I've submitted. Please check it out and tell me what you think in your comments.

The sky was overcast and the smell of rain stood fresh upon the air as Joe Macey walked along the path that led into the woods not too far behind his house. Joe had walked this path many times and as was his custom he would light up a cigar and walk deep into the woods and observe his natural surroundings. As Joe paced deeper in the woods he noticed that hunger had come upon him so he sat down on a log to see if he could spot something to munch on from the bosom of Mother Earth. He sat there for a little bit and he noticed some wild mushrooms by the edge of his feet so he picked a mushroom to see if it was edible. Joe, as was stated before was truly a man of nature and knew his plants and animals of the forest well, so he determined the mushroom harmless and digested it. After sitting there for awhile he saw the sun start to set and darkness was soon to arrive on the Earth so he decided to make his way home.

The night set in and the moon was full and Joe Macey was still walking upon the same path to get home." I have been walking on this path for awhile now and it seems that I am going in circles" he thought. Just then Joe looked over and noticed the log that he had been sitting on no more than an hour ago. " Wait, this isn't right I shouldn't be walking in circles I have been through these woods many times" he said to himself to stay in a state of peace. After the confusion he decided to just walk blindly deeper into the woods hoping that by some miracle he would find his way home.

It seemed like hours had gone by and he had made no progress to finding his home. Then out of the trees Joe saw a glimpse of light that looked like it was coming from a house. Joe then ran faster after the light to see where it came from and maybe that source could help him find his way home. The light did indeed belong to a house that as it turned out seemed to be part of a small town, the town was a thing of beauty all the little houses were so neat and perfect the way the light shone off the white sides and Joe decided to approach one of them. He walked to the door and rang the doorbell he could hear the loud sound echo throughout the house, then he patiently waited for someone to answer but no one came. Then he went and peeked inside the windows and all he saw was darkness no lights and no movement.

The rain came heavy from the clouds to the Earth as Joe Macey waited outside that perfect little home. " I can't stand out in this rain forever so I will just go inside and whoever lives here I will explain myself to when they arrive home" he thought. He walked into the house and the air felt damp and cold, he then sat on the sofa and waited for the owners to arrive. After awhile of sitting he got thirsty and decided to go to the kitchen to see if there was anything to drink. In the kitchen he found a bottle of wine freshly opened sitting on the table so he smelled it and deemed it drinkable then he enjoyed many glasses to calm his nervous self. The minutes turned into hours and the bottle was almost gone. " I need to know my location so I will search out the town to see if I can find a person" he said to himself.

Joe then walked about the town looking in house after house only to find the same thing emptiness, so he then noticed at the center of the town stood a small church that in some way looked familiar to him so he walked upon it to see if maybe someone was there. He knocked on the door of the church and heard the same thing as the houses. He then opened the door to the church to see if anybody was there. " Hello" he called out but the only one that answered him was his echo. He then felt a drip on his head and when he wiped his forehead he noticed blood. Then he looked up and what he saw haunted him to the very end of his life, there hanging upon the sealing were the fresh kill of human flesh that dripped of blood. He could see their faces all looking at him and that was truly the part that he would never forget till the end of his days.

Joe ran outside of the church into the woods as fast as his legs could carry him and he was screaming all the way. He ran all the way to a small creek in the woods and pasted out. He awoke to the sun high in the clouds and his head at the edge of a small muddy creek. He got up and decided to walk around to forget about his nightmares from the night before. " The whole thing must have just been a bad nightmare I bet after eating that mushroom I passed out here and dreamed the whole mess" he thought. Just then a voice came echoing through the woods to him. " Hey you stop" it called out. Then two police officers ran around the corner and asked what he was doing out in the woods by himself. " I am just going for a walk and decided to rest here for the night" he replied. The officer said "Oh sorry we just came back from a huge crime in the town no more than a couple miles from here and anyone looks suspicious to us" he said. "What happened"? Joe asked. "Apparently a drug induced mad man came into the town last night and horrifically murdered everybody, would you know anything about that"? the officer asked. Joes heart jumped inside his body as he realized that his nightmare was a reality. "No" he replied. Then the officer told him to be on his way and to report to them if he knew anything.

As Joe walked away from the police officers he thought about what had been said and he started to conclude that the drug induced mad man was himself. " What could have made me act that way" he thought. Then he came to the conclusion. "The mushroom it must have had some psychedelic properties and I didn't realize that when I ate and when I went to the town I must have been so crazy that I didn't realize it was me that did all of those terrible things" he said. " I can't be here anymore I have to hide myself because sooner or later those cops will come looking for me" He said to himself. Then Joe Macey did what some would say any man would do under that kind of pressure. He found a nearby river and jumped in it and drowned himself, a few days later his body washed up on the banks by a nearby town and he was declared dead. The people of the town did not recognize Joe and his body was buried and forgotten and not even a name was put on his tombstone.


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