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A New Forever

Short story By: JRA

Boy meets girl. Boy gets to know girl. Girl gets to know boy. A traditional love story, with a twist. The trigger is pulled. Boy cries out. Girl closes eyes.

Submitted:Feb 19, 2012    Reads: 18    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

The moon glowed over the balcony, the light was haunting. It glared on her tears, as I stroked her hair. Why had they done this to her? Why had they broken their promise? The promise they made to me, the promise they said they would keep. I had been tricked, and was put in a position as a fool. Well I wasn't about to stand for that, I could see their movement, and I knew where they were. I knew how to get to them, and how to lure them in. I kneeled down to get on last look at my love, holding her by the back of her head. I had shut her eyes as soon as she fell to the ground. She looked so peaceful, and I moved toward her, more and more by the second. My lips approached hers, and gently touched. My hands ran from her back, sending her down to the floor of the balcony. It creaked as she hit more forcefully to the ground, and gave in. The wood could not whisthand her weight, and it broke beneath her. Her hair blew upwards, blowing back at me as she fell deeper towards the lake. A tear fell from my eye, and I watched as it dropped down to greet her at the water. "E-e- EMILY!" I cried out, diving down into the lake. I pulled the gun from my pocket, gripping the hard metal. They shot from the side of me, nearly hitting me at every moment. I fired at them, wasting a whole round of ammo. My thigh touched the cold water, and it wrapped around the side of me. I could feel my nose inhale, and the thick water filled my lungs. I immedietally stopped breathing in, and swam up to the surface. I punched at my stomach, hitting it hard, lifting up my shirt to hit harder. I spat out, at each second, all the water I had inhaled, and I looked down into the wet scene. I could see her body sinking down in the shadows, and heard footsteps sounding from the building. I turned back to the water, and pushed downwards, forcing my body into the lake. I swam deeper and deeper, pushing myself farther and farther from the surface. I was not a skilled swimmer, and was about to drown at any second. Somehow, in the force of magic, love, something! I didn't breathe in. I wrapped my arms around her, and kicked my legs toward the top. I was inches from the surface, and could no longer stand being underwater. I reached the air, breathing in a large breath. I threw her body onto the wet mud, and looked toward the men on the railing. "YOU THINK YOU GOT US, COWARD?!" They yelled, throwing their sungasses off the edge. I shot at them, firing towards the right one's shoulder. "S***" He yelled, falling backwards off the railing.

Not to be continued...


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