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Dreams From Nightmares

Short story By: Kairi

Is this real? Is she real? This can't be!

Submitted:Jun 22, 2009    Reads: 156    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

"AHH!", I screamed. "Morning Rose, I had that dream again, the one where were in the woods hiding from some physcopath girl.",i confessed to my twin. "It's just a dream Wendy... don't worry about it.", said my morning bird sister. After breakfast, and the bus ride was school. My sister and I just started 10th grade. September 3rd, still the beginning of the school year. I sighed. "Wendy, do you know the answer?", said my teacher, Mrs. Dawson. "Huh? Me? What?", I said with red shot cheeks. "The answer to the question...", Mrs.Dawson had noticed i wasn't paying attention. I just ducked my head, and then looked at my best guy friend, Leon. He got called on next and he answered it right. Leon was smart, and I well... I am although I've been a little distracted lately. Not sure why either. The day hadn't really gotten off with a great start, and it was lovely with everything else...NOT. In gym we were playing volleyball. Leon was thankfully on my team along with my other friends. I wasn't paying attention whatsoever, and all i heard, disrupting me from my deep thoughts, was "Wendy! Wendy it's your ball!", screamed someone in the front. At that moment i snapped out of my trance and hit the ball as hard as i could at that moment. It just barely went over the net. After gym was math, then science my last class of the day. "Hey Wendy. Are you alright? You seem a little unfocused?", said Leon. "Uh, yeah I'm just feeling a little paranoid for some reason. Wanna hang out after school today?", I said back to him. "Sure, but can I bring a friend? He's cool." responded my mellow friend. I said "mhm" and then slowly went off to my locker. I didn't bring anything but my writing journal.

The bus ride home I just sat with Leon and stared out the window. "Hey Wen, Hi Leon, how was school?", said my smiling twin sister Rose. "Fine, you? I didn't see you at all today." I frowned. "Yeah, all my classes are on the other side of the building. It sucks I know.", said Rose. Once Leon, Rose, and I got home, we all went for a walk in the woods. Leon and Rose were practically one, neither one of them left each others side. I felt like I was here just to be here, not to spend time with my friends, and family. "Hey Leon when's your friend gonna be here?", I curiously asked. "That's where were going.", he smiled. I replied simply with an "oh okies" and then kept walking as a third leg to them. I was on the other side of Leon and about 6 feet infront of them. I kept walking anyway; looking at my feet every step. I looked up, and then back at my friends. They were distracted by each other, so distracted that if a UFO landed they wouldn't notice. I raised my eyebrows and turned back to looking at the leaf covered ground. I started to smell smoke, but saw nothing. I tried not to think about all the bad possibilities it could be. Car crash, fire, I thought. No, no... it's probably just a bonfire or something. I stopped dead in my tracks, and looked up. I saw a crashed car, lit on fire. "Oh my gosh, guys.", I said in disbelief. "No! It can't be! Not him!", Leon yelped. Before any other movement i ran over to the car. "Leon, is that your friend?", I asked with teary eyes. "Yes. That's Michael... Michael Wilde.", Leon told. "I know him...he can't be!", I started getting really creeped out. "Wait, shh! I hear someone.", Rose said. "So do I.",we nodded to each other. We saw dragged tracks, we followed them and we saw a girl who looked about our age. I ran over to her. "Are you okay?! Who are you?", I tried to get words out of her. "I'm Shayla... ow, I'm fine.", the wounded girl spoke. "No your not! We need to get you to a hospital!", I panicked. Shayla reached into her pocket and grabbed a bag filled with something i couldn't see. She then stood up and ran to the car. She gasped and screamed. Michaels...... gone;I thought. "Shayla how did you get out of the car? What happened?!", I asked curiously, I knew something was fishy about her. "I jumped out. Michael and I were talking about you, and meeting you, and then I k-, he passed out. I tried to take control of the wheel, but I knew we wouldn't make it, so I jumped.", Shayla said. "We need to call the police.", Rose informed us. I glared, and studied Shayla. She didn't fool me for one second. "Okay, Shayla they might need to know this... what school do you go to?" I asked impatiently. "Y-yours, tomorrow was my first day.", she spoke, then she mumbled something under her breath;I couldn't understand. "Oh.", i simply responded. Once the police got there everything was more confusing. No one was charged, with murder, but Shayla should've been taken to court or something. Somethings just not right.

The next day was awkward. All Shayla did was glare at me, until she came up to me during art when i was at my lonely table. "Your right Wendy, I killed Michael. I don't have to worry, neither do you, because your next!", Shayla jumped over the table and started to choke me. I squirmed trying to break free. She took out a knife and kept inching it closer and closer to me. I bit her hard enough to shriek. I kicked her off of me, "Help me!!", I shrilled. Then i noticed everyone was in the hallway hanging up their artworks. Everyone ran in, seeing me up against a wall being held by the murderess Shayla. "You tell them about Michael and I'll kill you.", she whispered. "Shayla.... put her down!", screamed Brent, a boy in my class who was very good-looking. The 3 people left of the class surrounded me and Shayla, and was no more then 3 feet away. The teacher scremed and ran to the phone. Shayla threw me across the room, making me hit the blackboard. She threw a arrow at the teacher. I couldn't tell if she killed her, or just knocked her out. Brent, Leon, and a girl were the only ones left from the class. Brent jumped at her from behind. "No! Brent! Don't!", I yelped. Shayla hit him hard knocking him out. She took out a sword, I stood up, slowly with pain, knowing bones were hurt. The fire alarm went off. It was a trilling loud noise. We turned our heads to the hallway, and Shayla disappeared. I heard Rose, and everyone else that wasn't hurt scream. Shayla had practically burnt down the building. Leon picked me up, and the teacher thankfully woke up and picked up Brent. We were all out of the building by the time everyone we got out, everyone was gone. I limped with Rose and Leon into the woods. I was guessing that Shayla was there. Shayla was behind a bush, glaring at me. "Don't you get it Wendy, I am the dream! You know the nightmare you have every night.", Shayla said. "No, no! You are not taking anymore lives!", I screamed furiously. I heard sirens. Then, the police showed up and i was more than relieved. Shayla tried to hide but she ended up being domed in by the police. Shayla was being charged with murder, and was going to prison for the rest of her life. I was rushed to the hospital; Shayla had broken my leg.

I woke up in a hospital bed. Unaware, and broken. I eventually remembered everything by the time i got home. When i went to school everyone was calling Rose, Leon, Brent, and me heroes. I was so glad that she was gone. I never am gonna have that dream again, I hope. "Everythings good now.", I said.


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