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This one is true

Short story By: Lewis Poe

True story

Submitted:May 22, 2013    Reads: 101    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Dear Reader, I inform you now, this next story is not a tale of fiction, but a tale of my own terror. Believe of it what you will. But that night still lingers in my mind, no matter how hard I try to get it out. July 7th, 20010. I had finally gotten home from my friends house. I don't see them much so I had spent the past two days there. I'm in the state of Utah visiting my mom. It was late about 12 am or so. My mom let me sleep in her bed, as she had other things to get done in the living room. I have a little brother Aiden. He's about 9. He was already sound asleep in his room. My mom out cleaning. I went to her room got ready and fell asleep. I couldn't sleep so I looked around the room bored. 3 paintings, 2 dressers, a pile of shoes, and a rocking chair. Parallel to the chairs legs was one of the those glow sticks, you bend, crack, and it glows. I stared at it for a little. Eventually knodding off around 1am. I felt an odd warmth. I opened my eyes everything was black the light was there was there no more. I shut my eyes and wiped them. I heard a little bit of shuffling. Payed no attention to it. Clock read 4:28am. I woke up more now in shock at the fact that the glow stick layed on top of the chairs legs instead of next to it. I felt something brush or stroke my hair. I turned around to swat what ever was there. Nothing. But when I turned around something caught my eye in the door way. I turn quick and looked. Sure enough something was there. I rubbed my eyes again. It was just my little brother. It looked like he had just left the room. His foot was pointed in as if he was just turning out into the hall. Sometimes he got scared and needed me to stand out side the bathroom just in case. So I called to him. "Aiden what do you need...do you need to go to the bathroom...what is it you moron...what." He didn't reply just stared at me. I looked more and my eyes got better focused. "Aiden why are you wear your church clothes?" I noticed a grin on him. He took a ball from his pocket, and he just threw it up and down. I shut my eyes trying to ignore him. Then I thought about all that's happened. I looked back and he was still there. "Your not Aiden are you" he replied with a cold shake of his head no. I layed down and shut my eyes. I heard the springs on the bed move little by little, till I felt warmth again. And then "shhhhhhhhhhh" right in my ear. I looked back he was still in the doorway. Some how I got to sleep. In the morning he came up to me. I thought hear we go he's gonna say he was sorry if he scared me. He said, "Don't bother cookie (the cat) she kept scratching me." I looked at him "What do you mean, how did I scare cookie?". He replied "You stood in the hall way and you were playing with a ball. She kept hissing and scratching me.". He showed me the scratches on his legs. I never told him what happened...I knew it'd scare him too much. I sleep with the door shut now, most the time locked.


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