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Is Anyone There?

Short story By: Messy98

This is an entry to UnknownGirl's 2nd round contest, the subject of inspiration being I am Here. So.....take a look!! :)

Submitted:Jun 10, 2011    Reads: 44    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

The house was creepy when it was empty. Like, really creepy. My feet where almost blue with the cold, the icy draught that flew in from the windows. Where was everyone? I mean, it's a school. You know, chatting teenagers, hustle and bustle, shoving in the corridors, that sort of thing. The very walls themselves seemed to be calling out for company, the smallest amount of human presence. I tiptoed as quietly as I could along the wooden floored corridor, the eyes of the portraits all along the walls scowling at me, daring me to make a sound in their beloved house.
Another shiver stole over me and my teeth chattered, the ancient floorboards growled at me for stepping on them and I stopped. No, it was just my imagination. It had to be.
Suddenly, my already frozen blood seemed to go even colder when I saw what was on the wall. Being written as if by an invisible hand. I froze; eyes as wide as dinner plates. Now, the house was powerless against the unknown forces that were possessing it. And that wasn't the worst part. The writing on the wall...was in blood.
Help me! The wall spoke, in a rushed and weary voice, Help me... I need you...
No....No! Why me? I asked the disembodied voice?? Why? Where was everyone? Where did you take them?? Let me go....Let me go! The voice was pulling me in, Help me....Help me Grace....
Somehow, my icy feet became unstuck from the wooden floor and I ran. I ran faster than I ever had in my entire life, across the hallway, down the winding staircase and out of the huge oaken front door. The voice was still in my head though, it was inside me, controlling me..... The woods I ran into were pitch black and the denser darkness of the trees loomed above me, mocking me, laughing at me, poking their neighbours and giggling behind their leaves. What do you want?? I screamed inside my head. I knew they could hear it.
Your help... was the throaty, whispered answer, Help me find it....It's hidden....Help! The last word suddenly roared in my ears, the very forest itself was screaming at me, the words rushing around like the sea in my head, the waves of nausea cascading all around me and I was falling......
I awoke to the sound of a crow, a harsh, bitter sound that broke the precious morning air like a knife. The trees greeted my break from slumber with a whooshing sound that felt refreshing to my ears. It was only after the events of the night before came tumbling back to me and the rustling in the trees got louder that the whooshing became a whisper....
I'm Still Here.


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