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You Don't Know Who Ur Messing With.

Short story By: MichelelovesyewXoXo

An officer thinks he can treat a women like some animal, little does he know who she is.

Submitted:Jun 17, 2011    Reads: 63    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

She was terrified. He handled her like an animal. She had no way to escape. Everytime she said something, or screamed, she was smacked. Taken to the basement of the jail, she sees an old matress on the cold, ground. She panics. He threw her down. She began to scream, yet noone heard. He crouched down to her level and kissed her lips. She was disgusted. He picked her up and threw her against the wall, her face to the cold concret. He rubbed his body up against hers. He moaned slighty. She cryed and begged him to stop. Instead he turned her around and licked her left cheek, up to her eye. She turned her face to the right and cryed again. He stepped back. She turned her head toward him with hope, thinking he has a heart to let her free, But he didnt. He spun her around and removed her handcuffs. She quickly spun around toward him and punched him in the face. Running away, she looked back and saw himbendingover in pain. She hid behind several boxes in the corner of the basement. She waited there silently...Finally, she heard footsteps. She coverd her mouth too block her little sounds from crying. She say a ray of light coming toward her. She cryed and the sound echoed. He laughed, and kicked the box in front of her away. She screamed and cryed. His face was cut, he was bleeding under his right eye. He shinned the flash light on her face. She put her hands up to block the light. He smiled and looks at her. "Well, well, well. What do you think your doing?" She cryed. "Please, please...just let me go!" "Not until im done with you! Your my bitch now!" He quickly reaches down to grab her, but she picks up an empty box beside her and throws it at him, making him fall to the ground. She runs to the door. Banging, screaming, and kicking on the door, noone came, noone heard. She had to find some way out. She looked around in horror, desperet to find a way out. She quickly runs to the stair case, leading to the lunch room of the jail. She screams for help again. Banging and kicking. Banging and kicking. Suddenly, she went quiet. She had heard something. Boxes being moved. She knew he had gotton up. She knew, he was coming for her. She looked around quickly to see if he was coming. He wasnt there. She contiuned to kick and scream nd bang. Still, noone came. He finally saw her. She used all her strength on that door. Her last kick, he grabbed her and pushed her to the ground. Looking down at her, he laughs. Unzipping his pants, she looks away nd crys. Hopeless. He quietly moaned as he pulled out his penis. She attemted to push him away. He smacked her. He put his penis on her lips, when suddenly they both turned their heads. It sounded like boxes being moved again. His face turned white. But noone was in sight. Until her partner came in the other door nd held a gun to his head. "Time to pull up your pants dirt bag, havent you learned not to mess with cops" He shows his badge. So does she. His face turns white again as his zippes up his pants. She slowly begins to get up. She looks in hiseyes. "Whos the bitch now?"


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