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I just came up with this while sitting at my future in laws' house.

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The last sound you could hear was a gargling sound as his blood flowed freely from his throat. As he fell slowly to the floor, she stared in fixation at what she'd done. "I finally did it," she whispers as she kneels down next to his lifeless corpse. Reaching down, she trailed her fingers through the wound she made. The warmth of his blood made her shiver with excitement. Using her strength, she used both hands to twist his head from his shoulders.
Knowing that she had done something so sinister, she smiled evilly and dragged the body outside for the dogs to devour. Coming back in, she stooped down to pick up the head. She tossed it from one hand to the other as she headed into the den and placed it on the mantel. Pushing her hair away from her eyes, she stared hypnotically at her masterpiece. Sitting down in a chair, she kept her eyes focused on his head. All night she stayed in that spot, until the sunlight filled the room.
She lived with him for six years and no one ever got to know them. They stayed to themselves and people rarely saw them outside their home. Until that one night when out of nowhere, she grabbed a butcher knife and cut his throat wide open. When the smell became unbearable, the neighbors called the police. When the arrived, they found her sitting in the middle of the living room. She was rocking back and forth, covered in dry blood. Upon the walls, she had written these words "They told me to do it. I had no choice. He made them mad and lost his voice."
When they looked around the room, the officers gagged as they noticed the rotting head on the mantel. The skin had turned green and split open, maggots crawling in and out of the holes as flies perched here and there upon it. The judge sentenced her to life in a mental institution. They say the voices still tell her what to do every now and then. She remains in her room, tied to the bed.


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