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The Perfect Poem Part 2 (Lovers Grim Challenge)

Short story By: Mistress of Word Play

This is the second part to "The Perfect Poem". The story of Charity Blake continues in this Thriller-Romance story as Charity changes her identity to hide from her cruel husband Brian. Filled with action, romance, and adventure this story is sure to fill the readers mind with pleasure.

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Author's Note: This is the second part to the short story "The Perfect Poem". It is here on my Booksie page. I highly recommend you read it to get in the right frame of mind. I have included a brief summary so if you choose not to you will understand what has occurred so far.
Summary of "The Perfect Poem"
Charity Blake and her husband Brian have everything. They are wealthy have a great home, cars, and a successful business. Brian is satisfied but forces Charity to model herself into the person he wants her to be. Charity feels she has given up the best parts of herself. She leaves behind her writing career and begins to resent her husband.
At the end of the story, Charity Blake is standing on an overlook throwing rose petals into the wind. The reader at the end of the story is left to draw his or her own conclusion as to whether or not she commits suicide. The story ends with her husband finding a suicide poem which Charity wrote.
The Perfect Poem Part 2
Charity smiled as the semi driver pulled his eighteen-wheeler to the side of the road. He pushed the passenger side door open and winked at her.
"Going my way?" he asked as Charity climbed into the cab of his truck.
"Yes," she replied smiling broadly, "my name is Crystal Grimm."
"Pleased to meet you," he said admiring his attractive passenger, "Tom, here, Tom Greene."
Charity rode with Tom as far as El Paso. She had friends there who would help Charity change her identity. She also had the money to do it. The necklace Brian gave Charity would help give her a new start. A look of irony appeared on her face as she played with the over priced trinket of insincerity.
Brian Blake was having problems of his own. He had paid dearly to keep the scandal of his wife's apparent suicide out of the press. The police had questioned him extensively; not until the suicide poem, Charity left was analyzed by a handwriting specialist did they absolve Brian of any wrongdoing. He stood in the huge mansion they had lived in a martini in his hand and cursed her name for what she had done.
Two months after becoming Crystal Grimm, Charity found employment with a publishing company that specialized in children's books. Crystal's job was to help with proof reading and editing the books before publication. Her manager seemed well pleased with his new employee and Crystal soon began writing a few stories for the publishing company.
Crystal soon settled into her new life and made several friends at work. Margo, who was exceptionally nice to Crystal from day one, became a fast friend of Crystal's. They would go on shopping sprees, eat out, and go to clubs together. Margo had short curly red hair, creamy alabaster skin, bright emerald green eyes, and a super model body. Crystal always felt mousy and plain when she was around her friend, but Crystal loved Margo's outgoing and tenacious personality.
Shortly before Valentine's Day, Margo invited Crystal to a dance at her country club. According to Margo it would be a grand affair.
"It'll be a hoot," Margo said excitedly to Crystal, "You need some fun girl. Look at you! You have words for eyes. Well that's settled then; I will pick you up at nine."
Crystal sighed and replied, "Okay, I guess it couldn't hurt anything."
Margo true to her word was in front of Crystal's apartment complex at nine sharp. Margo had on an opaque black evening dress that barely covered her slightly rounded bottom. Crystal choose to be a little more conservative with her dress and had on a plain white halter dress that fell just below her knees. She had opted to wear a gold colored pair of high heel sandals. She looked like a goddess.
The two women arrived at the country club and were soon in an ocean of men. All the eligible young men were vying for their attention. A rather tall slender man in a black tuxedo made his way to Crystal's side. Crystal smiled as he bowed slightly to her. He had dark shiny black hair and brown eyes. Crystal noticed the tiny curls at the nape of his neck. This very attractive stranger was a dreamboat.
"Good evening my goddess." he said smiling at Crystal, "Could I have this dance?"
Crystal feeling the fool realized she was gawking at him. Her cheeks flushed as she tried to find her voice.
She extended her hand to him and stammered, "Crystal, and yes I'd love to dance with you."
"I'm Steve," he whispered in Crystal's ear as he led her to the dance floor, "and I love you."
The night was a magical night. Crystal and Steve began dating on a regular basis. They started to plan their lives together as a couple. They were a perfect match. Heaven it seemed had finally blessed Crystal.
Brian Blake placed the receiver back on the hook in his office. A business collogue had called to inform him Charity was not dead.
"How dare that bitch do this to me," Brian screamed tossing a pencil holder across his office, "Well I have a surprise for you baby. If you aren't dead yet you will be."
A few phone calls later and an assassin had been located. Brian Blake kicked back in his oversized black leather chair and began to hum to himself.
Steve and Crystal had just finished dinner at one of their favorite restaurants. They walked beside each other arms twined around one another. Neither of them saw the black shadow that emerged from the alley. A man in black with a 9 mm stood in front of them. He had his gun aimed at Crystal.
Steve realizing what the assailants intentions were, pushed Crystal back and away, out of the line of fire. As Steve did so, the gun discharged and hit Steve in the chest. Crystal watched in shock as her boyfriend fell to the ground. The sound of the gunshot drew an audience. Fearing detection the man in black fled back down the alley.
"Steve," Crystal said sobbing, "please, I don't want you to die. I love you."
Steve opened his eye and winked at her. He thumped his chest and Crystal realized he had on a bulletproof vest.
"Never go anywhere without it," Steve said trying to get back on his feet.

"So you're a policeman," Crystal replied in disbelief.
"Yes, dear," Steve said, "Now tell me love, why is someone trying to kill you?"
Crystal told Steve everything including the fact that she suspected her husband had discovered the fact she was alive. A warrant was issued for Brian's arrest. Brian was tried by a jury and found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.
Charity was awarded a huge property settlement when she filed for her divorce. She took it and went back to doing what she loved the most, which was writing.


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