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Tags: Nick

A short part 1 of a script inspired by a true story which
will deviate into a fictional one,about the true evolution of human kind starting with their representative to be.

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A New Kind

Born from a young mother beside a one year older sister and having a kind-hearted father who died when he was only at the age of seventh years.The boy grew up as a ordinary one but that just until his father's tragic death.

From that point on all the wild imagination he had and believe me he had and you all know he still has it was used to create ideas.At first small thoughts implying him as the main character in scenes with castles,cars,toys,and gadgets owned by the "kid".This was the start of it,what will take shape in the years to come is gone completely change the world as the people know it.In third grade he moved to Timisoara,the closest town he knew back then.School was fine in the early years of studying,everything went well,that was until the "kid" started to have OCD symptoms in fifth grade which got worse and worse every day.By the time he was at puberty the disorder had taken over.Thriving in his thoughts and controlling his every move he didn't have exactly a cheerful or even close to normal childhood.OCD seems to be based on fear,in this case the constant fear of his mother dying.

After general school,came high school,but after have had spent all of his puberty period worrying and praying,and yes he prayed being very religious at that time,the disorder made him delusional,making him to think that by steady prayers his mother will be safe.In the second year of high school OCD reached it's highest peaks and at the same time the end when the "kid" had a crisis while being in his room caught in the "disorder's game".Beating the bed and the pillows with his fists and silently screaming,the "kid" had his most lucid moment of his entire life realizing he was half-way to become completely crazy by believing there's a entity watching over all of us.That was the moment when he took control of OCD learning how to use only it's good side and the "kid" started to live once again,although he was never the same seeing the world with different eyes being more mature than anyone could understand.In the next couple of years he mastered his disorder and feelings when he accepted the fact that we are not in control,no entity is and the sole thing we can do is grow and evolve. He became a believer of his own regarding the almighty entity:

" There is or are entities that planted a seed which evolved into what the universe is today,but those entities were not directly involved with us.The aliens are another ramification of the experiment,yet more evolved than the human race is,and they probably interfered in our evolution."

Being able to see the world as it is,a mess,the goal became clear.


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