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A New Kind (part 2)

Short story By: Nick0000007

The second part of a short script about human kind evolving through it's first representative

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A New Kind (part 2)

Having lived alongside with good and bad people.Having watched tons of movies by the time he was eighteen years old,every single one helping to built his personality,giving him the chance to shape it just the way he wanted.Soft exterior and rough as diamond on the inside also being very sensitive and because of that he was able to understand even the most deepest thoughts of a human being."The kid" began to see how people think and understood that this species,his species rather than evolve they are going back.Technology evolves,our tastes changes as well as our way of solving problems,but two things,the ones taking us back are trustiness and righteousness.It seems that for centuries people fight for supreme power,to prove their worthiness or to prove they have the power to do so.Even when between two people a certain level of trustiness it's reached,it's still going to break at some point ,just for the simple fact that they are not capable to fully understand one another,and even if there's a slightly chance that they really understood each other,selfishness will undoubtedly take over.

Then one ordinary day,he took a backpack,stuffed some of his clothes in it and went at the train station,jumped in one going in the capital,leaving behind the routine,the deceitfulness,the memories,family and three of his truly real friends that we'll shall not mention until later in the future,having an important place in it.Once arrived there and having nothing but his bag he knew what his fate will be,at least he thought he did….He found work in different places as waiter,errand maker and little jobs of that sort."The kid" didn't have a problem working with bad people as long as the result was net cash,making sure that his jobs wouldn't affect those undeserving in it's process.

It's been five months now since he left home and though he had a shelter to sleep under he seemed to be lost weight,being out of jobs he starved and sometimes,though wasted because of the hunger he would still run small errands to feed himself gaining height instead.Then one normal day for the people living in crystal boxes,"the kid" had a crisis and collapsed on the cold concrete of his shelter.A few junkies that've been allies with him on the streets passed by his shelter two days after he crashed and remembered about the guy they used to work with,so they entered the shredded building and saw something that looked like a corpse.They somehow announced the police,which arrived behind the hospital car.They checked the supposedly corpse who had it's eyes open and it's heart beating normal.They took him to the emergency in no time.After testing "the kid" for different reasons,the only thing that was wrong with him was malnutrition and the fact that he became catatonic or something related to that affliction.From that day on he wasn't just a kid.You could see in his eyes a friendly,curious and fearless look,the same as before,only this time it was natural.

He remained one night there until the psychiatrists sent him to a nuts house the very next day.Some assistants checked him in once arrived there,he was walking almost normal and he was looking with knowledge at those surrounding him.In the three weeks of his arrival all he has done was look right through other patients and assistants whilst sitting very calm on his feet or a chair,observing and thinking.Starting with the first day of the fourth week"the kid" asked for a few different foreign dictionaries using a friendly and at the same time an eloquent vocabulary that persuaded the assistant to bring it to him.A few hours passed by and other assistant was also persuaded into bringing him eight books that all brokers read,together with some recent entrepreneurial and business magazines.Receiving what he had requested,it took him no more that three hours to go through all the papers.Though he talked when he asked for the books he remained silent in the meanwhile.Thursday night at four a.m "the kid" stood up on his feet in his room and calmly called the guard assistant and manipulated him into organizing a psychiatrists meeting with those in charge of running the madhouse.At seven a.m o'clock the house stuff gathered in a audience room and the patient that requested the meeting was brought into the room.He started to explain in pretentious medical terms what really happened to him,proving a level of medical knowledge that only the best personalities in present medicine can achieve."The kid" told them the reason he wasn't able to talk was because when it all started a couple of weeks ago,his memory was suddenly overwhelmed by,literarily all the informations he had accumulated since he's birth,explaining the motive why that happened using medical reasons.It took him about fifteen minutes convincing the medical stuff that he was sane and that there was no purpose in keeping him locked in that madhouse.What "the kid" skipped to tell them,is what really happened that day,the day he collapsed,he became able to completely control his memories,accessing all the informations he achieved and using them the way he wanted.While he was admitted to mental hospital he learned several foreign languages,became an expert in business and brokerage.He was able to understand what true trustiness and righteousness meant and knew how to live up to them.So that day he left the nuts house and saw the outside again with an unseen level of understanding,the course of human kind was set,"the kid" becoming the first and by far the most intelligent being on earth and soon in the entire universe,evolving each day like no being has ever done in the outside space.


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