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Awake In A Nightmare ..

Short story By: Rachel Hedges

Just read it, although, I don't advise this to youngsters.

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‚Äč Awake In A Nightmare

I awoke from my sleep and had a sense that I wasn't alone, I tried to move my head to look around, but I was paralyzed. Frozen in place. My screams were silenced and I couldn't open my mouth. My heart raced even move as I began to panic. Everything was pitch black, apart from the small bit of light from the street lights outside my window. There were whispers calling my name, I felt the presence of something move closer to me. My mind was full of questions, it wasoverwhelming as I tried to move my arms and legs, yet I was still frozen. Every scream I tried to get out just stayed silent. I definitely knew for sure I wasn't alone, the dark figure came into view and climbed on top of my bed, yet I could still not see the face.. Only the dark outlines of it's body. It sat on top of my chest, making it hard to breath as my heart went even faster. I looked up at the dark figure and tried to plead for mercy, yet all it did was laugh. A cold, evil and harsh laugh. The laugh made me want to curl up into a ball and hide away, yet I was here, wide awake.. In a nightmare. The dark thing wrapped its arms around my neck and started to squeeze, every second it would squeeze even harder, I felt my head getting fuzzy. All I knew was I was going to die, the last thing I could do was turn to God, I begged over and over inside of my head, 'Please help me, God, please 'The begs became more vulnerable as I came close to passing out. The figure let go of my neck and brought its face closer to mine, I could feel its cold breath on my cheek. Just then, a car from outside drove past my house, the car lights shined into my room and onto the dark intruders face. The face was almost impossible to describe. The fear it brought to me was breath taking. My heart stopped, and so did my thoughts, everything in time froze as I stared into its eyes. The face was boney and pale. The eyes were dark and sunken that had pinkish-green rings under them. Its mouth was pale aswel, this truly was the most ugliest and scariest thing I've ever seen. Then the thing returned its hands to my neck and began squeezing even harder, making an even bigger effort to kill me.

'GOD, PLEASE HELP ME, PLEASE!' I screamed inside of my mind.

The figure smiled and brought it's face even closer to mine, our noses almost touched. It's eyes stared down at mine as it squeezed even more.

'I am your God.' The thing simply replied and disappeared into dust.

I then awoke properly this time, gaining my ability to move and talk, I sat up on my bed and calmed myself down. I told myself it was just a dream and to go back to sleep. The next morning when I woke up, I got out of bed and looked into the mirror.. There in front of me were 10 large finger marks on my neck.


Writers note: This did NOT happen to me, this is a case of sleep paralysis, it could happen to ANYONE, even you! So I'd reconmend you looking up sleep paralysis so if this does happen to you, you'll understand it more. Sorry if I freaked anyone out.


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