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...and The Cycle Continues (On Wings Of Hope)

Short story By: RaslanGontier

When everything around you seems dead, and all the colors of your life were bled, there might be someone to pick you up off the ground, enlightening your life with the darkest of colors, only so you can fall, again.

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I slowly opened my eyes, beams of light blinded me, forced me; to sew them shut again.
I was crying... I don't know why, I woke up crying.
I've felt so numb... and, blurry?
Wondering what was happening, I forced my eyes open, and well... to stay open.
Everything was white, I wasn't in a closed room painted white, no, I was somewhere.. Out, in the open.
The sky was cloudless, or filled with clouds, and that's why it was white? I don't know.
I moved my neck to the left, and I saw a corrupted figure, smiling at me happily.
"Hello, dear, you've finally woke up.", the figure said.
"W-Who.. are you?"
"That doesn't matter, for now..."
The figure wasn't any different than, well everything around me, but it was beautiful.
It's skin was as pale as bones, it's hair was black, flowing like it was under the shallow oceans, and it's eyes...
It had no eyes, it was empty.
Hollow, black eye sockets.
"Where am I?", I asked, and the only response I got was my very own echo.
"Hey... Answe-", my lungs interrubted me, and I let out a cold, harsh cough that seemed to last forever.
"Shh, just... Wait, it'll get clearer, I promise, you try and sleep.", she said, and for some reason, her voice soothed me, made me dizzy and I almost faded.
That's when it came closer to me.
I didn't react, my vision grew wider, my body didn't move, didn't respond, actually.
It leaned closer to me, close enough for me to make out what figure was.
It was... a young, old woman.
I was afraid, she knew I was afraid, she rested her hand on my chest, and she felt my heart beating, almost breaking my bones.
"Don't worry... Just close your eyes, and I'll make it all better.", she said, and the moment her lips closed and widened, it all faded to black.
Something forced me to wake up, crying again.
I don't remember having a bad dream.. I don't.. Remember anything, actually.
I took a moment and just stared at the white, empty sky.
It all seemed so.. Weird, white.. I missed the black sky, with holes in them you call stars.
I let out a deep sigh, and then I remembered what happened.
The figure... Or, her.
Where is she?
I tried to look at my right, I couldn't, my neck just wouldn't move.
"I gave up too easy...", I thought to myself.
I took a deep breath, and with whatever strength I had in, I tried moving my neck.
The echo of my scream seized the place, along with the sound of my bones cracking.
It was an awful sight, I started shedding tears and I don't know why.
The place was filled with body parts and white feather.
They weren't bleeding, the flesh was rotten, decayed, torn apart.
The bone was exposing... It wasn't white, it was black.
That's when my eyes made out that figure, her.
Her hands were dripping with some white liquid, blood I thought, since everything was white around here, it wouldn't be a shock if the blood was white.
"What did you do? What are you going to do to me!?", I asked.
"I did this for you..."
"What do you mean!!", and that's when my head dazed, my ears closed and silence consumed me.
It wasn't all silence, the only sound I could hear was myself breathing.
I never thought of looking at my body, it was the last thing I remembered...
Maybe, maybe all those body parts were mine?
But the feather... What does it mean?
Just when I was about to take a look at my body... My sight hit her eyes.
I felt better... No more worries, no more anything.
She smiled, and I felt my cheeks growing, too.
"What are you doing...?", I asked, wondering if my hearing is back... Hoping, it was back.
"Sewing.", was the answer.
"What are you sewing?"
"Wings, for you."
"Yeah, and I'm almost done.", she said, letting out an adorable giggle in the end, filling the place, where ever I was, with echo of her laughter.
Wings, for me?
That's when I started doubting myself.
Who am I? Why.. Do I need wings? What am I?
I just had to wait, it'll get clearer; that's what she said, she'll make it all better.
I just watched her, picking up the thousands wings off the ground, and sewing them all together, just so I could fly.
I didn't know what to feel, I wasn't feeling anything, I wasn't numb anymore, just unfeeling.
"It's time.", my ears picked her voice.
She floated near me, slowly.
Her hands touched my face, feeling the structure.
"Get up.", she said, my broken body did nothing but obey, I got up; I didn't hestitate, it didn't hurt me.
Her cold hands rode up my spine, and she stopped at some point, right beside my shoulder blades.
"Close your eyes, and take a deep breath.", a whisper screamed in my ears.
I closed my eyes, and I waited for it to come.
She tore away my flesh, exposing my spine; I was crying with a smile on my face.
She planted the wings inside my spine, and came in front of me, and looked at me eye to eye.
I was staring into the nothingness inside her skull, and I saw everything that's beautiful.
She crawled her hand on my lower lip, and she slowly leaned her face closer to mine, she let out a few cold breaths, and our lips engaged.
She let go of me, took me by the hand and pulled me to go with her somewhere.
Along the way, all I was looking at was her hair riding the blowing winds.
We walked for a long time, the place never changed, it remained white, with nothing in it.
She suddenly stopped.
"Are we... There? Where are we goi-", I've felt something building inside of me.
"It's time.", she said, "These wings are yours to fly, disobey me and you will die."
"What.. Are you.. Talking about?"
Everything shined brighter, laughter burnt my ears, light blinded my eyes, I breathed as fast as I could, but my breathing suddenly stopped.
"It's working, soon.. You'll be one of us.", she said, loosing her hand off my neck.
I fought for air, I did not want to die.
"One of you? What are you!"
"We.. We're light, we're made of light..."
"What does that make me?"
"You? You're..."


"It's time!"
"Yeah, don't let me down."
"I never did, and never will."
"I know, I'm glad you're among us."
My feather soared the cruel white sky, tearing through the wind, I got the next prey.
"That was fast."
"I know," I said, throwing that pathetic creature to her, "This is the last remain of them."
"It's been a long time, it's finally over."
"You're waiting for your pay, aren't you?"
"Not really..."
"What do you mean? Come here.."
I hestitated, she floated closer to me, and I tasted flesh.
"I want to tell you something.", I said.
"I want to give you something first," she said, the sound of bones flenching through flesh grew my eyes, the sight of my insides falling to the ground silenced my ears, it was a hit I couldn't elude, "I know what you were going to say."
"I-I loved you..."
"I knew that, if you didn't, you wouldn't have done all of this killing for me."
"Why what? Don't you get it? I used you, you were a slave for me, and nothing more... I gave you what you needed, you did what I wanted, equal trade, isn't it?"
"I-don't get.. It..", I said, letting out a bloody cough.
"You said you'd die for me, didn't you? Now you are, dying for me."
"I'm just enslaved!"
"You never loved me, you loved what I did to you, I'm taking it away.. Now you can loathe me."
"Please don't..."
A bloody roar was carved in the air, it was another voice neglect, I was helpless... I couldn't do anything but scream, and feel the pain of my wings getting clipped.
"I changed my mind... I'm keeping you alive, I'm not that rotten," she said, "However, you will never see the light again."
I was on the ground bleeding, looking at the white cruel sky... She leaned closer to me, smiling happily.
"You were a good one, here's your last pay."
I stared in the blackness of her eyes, she made me feel alive one last time, and it'll all faded to a blurry darkness.


I slowly opened my eyes, shadows creeped me, forced me; to sew them shut again.
I was crying... I don't know why, I woke up crying.
I forced my eyes open, I looked at my right, and I saw a corrupted figure, smiling happily at me.
It wasn't any different than anything around me, but it was beautiful.
It had beautiful white hair, and empty, white eye sockets.
"Hello, dear, you've finally woke up."


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