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This is basically a thriller...I don't usually do these, but the idea of the story just popped into my head, characters and all, hope you enjoy. If you like paranormal concepts, I'm sure you'd appreciate the time I put into it. Thanks guys.

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Agnes shot up in bed.

This was the fifth night now where the voices had disrupted her sleep. She rubbed her temples fiercely, hoping that it was all just a dream, that maybe the voices would leave her be. Eventually, they silenced.

Agnes Mayfair was a fragile figure, with pale skin, and thin dark hair. She wasn't the most beautiful person around, but she wasn't hideously disfigured. The moonlight streaming through the window next to her bed revealed her lean body as she stepped out onto the floor-boards. They creaked slightly as she left her room. With only her senses to guide her in the pitch-black hallway of the mansion, she carefully slid her way along the carpeted floor and reached the master bedroom. She knocked at the door nervously, knowing how the doctor who resided there would react. The door finally swang open, and there stood Doctor Joyce, in a maroon nightrobe, his eyes squinting at the girl before him.

"Yes? What do you want?", he asked, rather irritably.

The doctor was only 5 years older than Agnes, his maid, but he acted as if he was the wisest man on the planet. Despite his arrogance, Agnes held a secret love for him, a burning passion to be with him.

"I...I...Doctor, I need your help", she replied, fiddling with the chain around her neck.

"At two in the morning?!"

He was clearly frustrated of this arrival without appointment.

"Yes, Doctor, I'm terribly sorry, but I must ask for your consideration!"

Joyce looked her up and down, his green eyes shining like little lights in the dark.

"Well...if it's that important, I suppose you better come on in..."

He relaxed, held the door open for her, and closed it after she has entered.

The master bedroom was really something. Doctor Joyce had extended the room, so it now had a walk-in wardrobe, an ensuite bathroom, and a living area. Of course, there was his private study, where Agnes had never ventured, as it was strictly forbidden to anyone else but the doctor. She eyed it suspiciously as they walked into the examination room next door. Agnes sat down on the examination table and watched as the doctor shuffled some papers on the desk. She had a funny feeling that he wasn't entirely interested in them, and was more focused on Agnes' dainty foot as it rubbed her leg. She stopped immediately and the doctor looked up.

"So, what's the problem Agnes?", he asked.

"I...I...am hearing voices Sir...for five nights now.", she answered, feeling rather embarrassed by the unusual phrase.

The Doctor's eyes widened.

"Voices, you say? What are they telling you?"

Agnes recalled those piercing voices, shrieking, "The door...open the door...the door...open it...the door must be opened!"

Whatever "the door" was, Agnes had neither any interest or any authority to investigate it. She told the doctor with accurate detail of how these voices had come out of nowhere, and had woken her at two for the past five nights. Joyce sat silent, unusually patient with her, and nodded occassionally. When she had finished, he got up from the desk, and said in his soft, calming voice,

"Well, Agnes, it sounds to me, that you may have a minor case of Schizophrenia...or of the likes."

Agnes blinked. Schizophrenia? Did that mean she was insane? She confessed her thoughts with the doctor, who replied with a swift shake of his head.

"Absolutely not...it is a mental illness, Agnes, nothing more. Even so, I am only a junior practitioner and I am not qualified to deal with such matters as mental illnesses. Perhaps you should see a professional mental illness adviser when you can...if it is worrying you as much as you say."

Agnes nodded slowly and got up from the examination table.

"Erm...thankyou for your time Doctor Joyce, I think I'll go back to bed now. I'll see you in the morning."


Laying in bed, Agnes stared at the ceiling. She couldn't get back to sleep. Only the thoughts of the voices drifted into her mind. Contemplating on the door, Agnes wondered whether it concerned her. But where was this door? And why did she have to open it? She shook her head, and chided herself for being so silly.

She would visit the mental illness adviser the next day. There was no way she could put up with the voices any longer.

* to be continued...my 1st entry, wot do u think?

p.s. photo is of main character-Agnes


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