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two pages of Psychiatrist's diary

Short story By: reemoOka

story happened to a Psychiatrist in one day!

Submitted:May 22, 2011    Reads: 145    Comments: 13    Likes: 5   

"Knowing people's personalities", that was my dream when I was a kid. I have known since then that human being is a strange creature that makes you feel curious. I insisted on making my dream come true so, I studied psychology at one of the greatest universities and become a psychiatrist. It has been years since I began working at this hospital. Many weird and abnormal cases have passed by me and I helped to cure them!
One day, I was preparing to go back home. I was holding a water bottle in my left hand and carrying my hand bag in the other hand. I should pass the children ward to arrive the gate so, while I was getting out my car's key, I noticed someone in the children's hall! It was a child maybe around 5 years!!The hall was empty except the child and the light was off! I was surprised because patients are not allowed to sit after 10:00pm and it was 10:45pm!! I stood for a while and watched him, but he was sitting without any movement. I could barely see his face. The weather was windy outside. The wind was hitting the windows strongly. I looked around, but no one was there. Actually my heart was beating because almost all children who live here are violent and I wasn't ready at all for unexpected movement in this dark room and windy weather! Smoothly I approached him, and then he started whispering and looking around like he's looking for something! He didn't notice me or maybe he did! I continued approaching himand said "hi sweety"! He kept whispering and moves his eyes around in a strange way!! Suddenly he turned his face towards me and opens his mouth like he's choking!! The Veins of his eyes was Protruding!! His body was taut to the point that his fingers seemed broken!!!! He screamed and I started screaming too!! He said Phrases in a strange language that I've never heard!! I feltmy heart stopbeating!!! My whole body was shaking; I didn't know what to do!!!! Then he stopped screaming while his mouth and eyes remained open! He started whispering again and approaching towards me!! I fell back; my hands, feet and nose were frozen!! I stumbled, but Istod upand ran to find someone, anyone!!
I kept running I tried to look back but I couldn't, I felt that I can't run anymore! I was hearing his foot steps behind me! But he was walking slowly while I was running fast! I felt dizzy but it wasn't the time to feel dizzy!!! What should I do?!!!
Suddenly I felt a strong blow to my head, and everything is dark!
I opened my eyes, I can't see clear!! I guess this is my room! Yes this is my room! But why am I lying on the floor! Oh my head, it hurts a lot and I'm sweating!!! What's happening? Where's the boy??? Omg!!!!!! Am I dreaming? Is that a dream! But how is that??!! It seemed to be real!!! I still shaking, my heart still beating!!
It was 3:34am and after this nightmare I preferd to check outmy children! Acutally I felt safe when I saw them sleeplike theyhad never slept before! I went back to my room,covered myself and started to think of that boy! I never wanted to work in children ward and this dream made me more determined of that!
I kept thinking till I slept, hoping not to meet him again!


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