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The Heart of The Hunter

Short story By: SaneLunatic

For Violet Moon's Challenge- I had to look at a picture and write a story/poem/novel about it. The picture is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy =)

P.S. I dind't know what genre to put it in, so I just put it in Thriller x]

Submitted:Jul 23, 2009    Reads: 247    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

The Heart Of The Hunter
His steps were careful and slow. His dark eyes scanning the foliage before he lowered a booted foot. The thunder roared its disapproval overhead and the lightening flashed. But he didn't flinch; he couldn't let anything distract him from his goal, not now, not while he was so close.
Beside him, the waterfall crashed down over the rocks, pounding them so harshly he was surprised they didn't turn straight into dust. It was distinctly bigger than the last time he had ventured into this part of the jungle, but that didn't matter. Nothing mattered, nothing but the eyes in his head and gun in his hand.
He smiled, remembering the day he had opened the box that his trusty gun had arrived in. It had been a present from his wife, and it hadn't failed him yet. His thoughts drifted as her laughing face came into his head…
No! He couldn't afford to be distracted from his target, not like last time. He grimaced, rubbing his thumb across the large white scar that blemished his tanned skin. She had been lucky, but not this time, this time she would be his.
He glanced across at the waterfall again, mentally thanking it for disguising his heavy steps so well. It truly was magnificent this time of year; it always was during the wet season. They don't call it a rain forest for nothing.
He sighed, dragging a worn hand across his sweaty brow. If he didn't find her soon he would have to turn back for fear of getting lost. He almost chuckled at the thought. He never got lost, no, he was just to good.
Suddenly he heard it; the unmistakable growl of the great Bengal tiger. A cruel smirk spread across his face as he pushed quietly through the wet leaves, revealing a small clearing.
And there she was. She was considerably skinnier than last time, and seemed a lot more tired, but she was there, and she was his. She suddenly looked up, her great golden eyes catching his gaze. His breath hitched as he saw something he had most certainly not expected.
Instead of the great glare of hate and the beginnings of a immense roar, he saw defeat. Her eyes were filled with something close to a pleading look. She snarled, yes, but it was half hearted and it seemed to just die out. Then there was a squeaking noise. He looked down at her feet. A small, curious face peered back up at him and he was suddenly reminded of Hailey, his own daughter.
Shaking these annoying thoughts from his mind he raised the shotgun, pointing it straight between the tigress' eyes. His finger curled round the trigger and he squeezed gently. But something tugged at his heart. He growled in annoyance as he found his gaze had drifted back down to the cub. It stared up at him with wide frightened, amber eyes. He closed his eyes, slowly lowering the gun.
Another roar of thunder rumbled overhead, and it seemed as if God was agreeing with his half hearted decision.
"Go on, get out of here," he said gruffly. "Before I change my mind."
The tigress seemed to understand, and grabbing the cub's scruff she darted away into the shadows of the jungle.
The Hunter sighed heavily and turned back to face the long journey home.



The picture ^^^^^^ =)


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