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The Sorrow of the Curse

Short story By: sherry1

Out of the Box

Submitted:Dec 2, 2011    Reads: 24    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

It was raining, no take that back, it was pouring out there tonight. You could hear the raindrops pounding against the windows. The curtains were closed but could not shut out the sounds. Nice try though he thought. The pub was pretty quiet tonight . A few die hards that still made it in. Just the regulars and a few others. The jukebox was off, no one had even bothered to turn it on. The television set above the bar was on the news and the few people seated at the bar were either watching it or ignoring it completely.. The candles at each table were lit. There to provide a little ambience for those who so desired it. As Jack sat back and swirled the brandy in his glass he felt contented and relaxed for the first time that day. He had almost gone straight home after closing the office, but had decided he just wasn't quite ready for that solitude. When he was alone all the events of the past few weeks caught up with him and then there was no rest. The door of the pub opened and in walked a woman who was drenched by the rain. Her hair, which obviously had been painstakingly done earlier was a flat, dripping disaster now. He laughed to himself. She sat her umbrella by the door and glanced around the room, her gaze lingering on him for just a moment before moving on. She walked up to the bar and ordered a glass of wine then wandered to the table across from him and sat down. He noticed that the dress she wore was a little short this obvious by the fact that he saw the top of her thigh when she crossed her legs. Well, he thought , not too bad even though she was soaked. The legs were nice at least and the face not unpleasant to look at. Yes, he could definitely see something happening with her. He got up and walked over to her table and asked if she would mind a little company. She smiled at him and said that would be lovely. They talked for quite some time about nothing that was really substantial. Just idle chit chat. She actually was a very nice woman he had found out, so at least she seemed to be. The first hint that something was terribly wrong was the pain in his eyes. They were talking and all of a sudden he had such a sharp stabbing intense pain behind both eyes that he had to stop and put his hands over his eyes. Just the dim light from the candle was blinding him and making the pain so much more unbearable. She asked him if he was ok and all he could do was nod his head. He excused himself and went to the men's room hoping that moving around and some cold water might help. He stepped inside the door and just leaned against it for a moment. The pain was getting a little easier to bear at least but was not completely gone yet. All of a sudden he doubled over with the most excruciating pain in his stomach that he had ever felt in his life. Next were his arms and hands. It felt like someone was pulling them out of their sockets. He moaned and tried to not cry out in pain. It was then that he knew that the moment he had dreaded, feared and hid from had finally caught up with him. He had hoped that they had been wrong and that this wasn't going to happen to him, but should have figured he would have no such luck. In that fleeting moment he knew he had no choice but to get out of there and get out of there fast.

He pulled himself together as best he could under the circumstances and decided instead of going out the front door he would sneak out the back since it was right beside the men's room. Luckily this pub was older and didn't have the fancy alarm that would go off if the door was opened. Yes, that is what he must do. He took a quck look around and saw that nobody was watching him and he slipped back out into the rain. The first thing that hit him were the smells. So intense and so many of them. Funny he had never noticed them before. Maybe because of the rain he thought. Then he noticed that even though it was dark outside especially with the rain, that he could see amazingly well. That was when the second bout of pains began, only this time they brought him to his knees. He knelt in the alley and bit his lip, trying so hard not to scream out in anguish. So this was how this hell was going to be. The curse that he hadn't asked for, didn't want and for which there was no cure. His transformation almost complete now, Jack knew he had to get away from here before someone saw him and figured out what was going on. Yeah right, he thought, like anyone would believe this even if they saw it. Even though he had eaten in the bar he felt so damn hungry all of a sudden. Absolutely ravenous was more like it. He needed food and he needed it now. Trying to think and figure out what to do, he heard the front door of the pub open. Then he saw her again and he knew that she was to be his meal. Oh how he didn't want it to end this way. He had thought of having some real fun with her tonight but now all he wanted to do was rip her to shreds. He followed her at a distance needing to wait until she got away from all the lights. She hadn't even noticed him, but that wasn't surprising seeing as how he was on all fours now and looked more like a soaking wet dog than a man. Maybe the rain tonight would turn out to be a good thing afterall. He continued to follow her which was easy because he had her scent in his nose, leading him forward. All of his senses were heightened. Then she did what would be her fatal mistake. She turned away from the lights of town and started down a dark country lane. Yes, he thought this was what was meant to be, pure instinct leading him on now. She was walking slowly with not a care in the world. She had no idea that her life was over. Too bad Jack thought, could've maybe had something with her. She rounded a corner and he knew that now was the time. He also knew he had to do this fast so that she didn't have time to scream and draw attention to him. He got a little bit closer and then closer still. She hadn't even noticed yet and by the time she did it would be too late. Finally with a sudden burst of energy he ran, leaped into the air and came down on her back. She fell to the ground and in one swift movement he bit her neck where he knew it would silence her for good.

He drug her to the side of the road and into the woods where he proceeded to rip her apart and feed. She tasted so good to him. So nice and warm. He fed until he couldn't possibly eat anymore. He sat there for a moment looking at what he had done. He thought he was going to be sick for a minute but then that passed. Should he move what was left of her or just leave. He didn't know what to do. Finally he turned away and just started running. Running as fast and as far as he could with no set goal in mind. Only to get as far away from her as he possibly could. He made it to a small creek and stopped to take a drink. As he leaned over the water the moon showed him the reflection of what he had become. Her blood was still covering him. His eyes that deep golden yellow and the fangs in his mouth where his teeth should've been. He looked at himself and felt nothing but hate and loathing. He knew this was it, the end of his life. That poor woman didn't deserve the end that she had met he thought. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. No need to worry about her now Jack thought. A little late for that now;. Sorrow filled him and a despair so great that he just hung his head. He didn't even want the water now. He didn't want to live this way. He knew he couldn't do it. He heard a rustling in the trees nearby and knew he had to move. What if someone had found what was left of her already. He was close to panic now. What was he supposed to do. Run, but to where and why. To go through all of this again. The noise in the woods sounded closer now. He heard it and knew someone was coming. Suddenly a shot rang out . He heard it right before the bullet hit him. And in that moment he knew that he had been spared from this hell. His life was over and the curse would haunt him no more.


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