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An old lady is found hanging from her ceiling..
Detective thinks her husband is the culprit..but the husband is blind and old..
find out who is the murderer...

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( short story)


Decius Shrike (72 years)

Detective Reznik(50 years)

Eva Shrike (wife of Decius -70 years)

Marcus Shrike (Son of Decius and Eva-35 years)

One day Detective Reznik gets a letter about a CASE of a 70 year old lady found hanging from her ceiling.Reznik rushes to the scene and sees the body which has brutal cuts and is hanging.No suicide note is found as they search the room .Nothing unfriendly or suspicious thing found,they send the body of to the forensics. While Reznik hears someone sobbing in the next room….It was Decius , Eva's husband. A former professor then a taylor but now a blind old man suffering from rickets.(legs deformed),back bent and has a history of medical problems
Reznik investigates him and asks him more about eva.He finds that apart from a bad conditioned rented house eva had an insurance policy of 50 lakhs of which Decius has been making payment to insurance company of his pension and savings and Decius only will get it if he gets a "clean chit"
While from forensics a set of finger prints and some hair are found.
they run a scan and find that it was decius's fingerprints and hair.
They find a huge knife also in the kitchen which matched the cuts
Reznik thinks that why a blind old man would kill his wife for money???
Only he has being making payments for the insuarance???
he is blind ,old if he is the murderer why would he kill??
Decius clarifies his fingerprints by saying that he had stitched her that dress that morning only the day she died.And why would he kill for the money he had been giving.That knife his wife used only.Why would he use a knife??? He is blind and couldn't even walk properly.how would he hang her???

And he breaks into tears..
Reznik apologizes and sees a family picture on the wall which was 15 years old.
It had Eva , Decius and their only son Marcus.Reznik points that whole family looks very happy in that.
Reznik asks more about his family , to which Decius becomes upsets and says that he was not his son anymore as he hadn't given a visit to his aging mom and dad in 15 years.He had settled in other city only because Decius had never approved of the girl he loved.marcus had left them.Even at her mother's funeral he hadn't shown up.
Reznik unable to find any clue regarding the case becomes restless.
He had searched the house many times to find nothing ,talked on phone to marcus only to find that he has nothing to do with his family now, runs through family history only to find they were just a loving couple and had never fought and were happy in their life,neighbours also upset as they loved the old couple.

Nothing extraordinary thing or clue found on the body of Eva.Even Decius is clueless about why his wife his only companion left him at such an age and spends his nights sobbing.

Reznik declares it UNSOLVED and gives the explanation to Decius that it may be suicide but both reznik and Decius never believed it.Decius receives a "clean chit".
Insurance company leaves 50 lakhs and gives it to Decius.
Decius decides to leave the place and leaves a note for reznik written in brail-"I know you tried very hard, I know my wife's death is not justified.Please don't think of it much because it will give you sorrow only.Even I am leaving this place and city and going someplace else.Thanks for showing so much concern. Take Care…….."
Reading this note in decius's house reznik starts crying.
He comes to the tap and opens it to wash his face , finds partially red water coming through.He lets it run and the red water becomes dense.
he runs on the terrace to where he sees a huge old cemented tank.He calls his people,break through the cement ,open the tank and find Decius dead.
They run it through forensics only to find he had been dead 7-8 days before Eva.
Now the detective starts remembering the conversations and stops at that family picture.
Meanwhile the other Decius removes the black glasses(which blind people wear),removes back padding and gets his back straight gets his legs straight ,removes makeup to reveal himself as Marcus ,dissappers to an unknown place with a fake identity and the 50 lakhs,while Reznik thinks deep that he couldn't do anything about the clues which said that Decius with him(Marcus) was the murderer ,watches that family picture in horror…….

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