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Sometimes car crash itself is not that bad...

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She opened eyes and saw dark sky. No stars, no moon, only darkness. It was so calming and she was just looking on it. However, soon she understood reality and understood that she could not remember how she got here, where is she, and who is she.

She heard some sound. Not feeling any fear she sat and realized that she was lying on the grass. Everything around was dark at first, but moon slowly come out and she was able to see a car. A car was in the terrible condition. It was sketched, crashed and its windows were broken. She heard something again and turned in that direction. Something was lying on the grass in the distance from her. She slowly rose and started to walk to it. When she came closer, she realized that it was Harold and she remembered everything. She quickly walked to Harold and saw that he was covered in blood. His quiet moan showed her that he was in a pain. She looked around in hope to find help, but moon got into clouds and only darkness was surrounding them now.

She took off her jacket and tried to rub blood from his face. It was hard to do. She looked on the car. There should be first aid box. She run to the car and tried to find that box. It was in the bottom of truck, probably never opened. She run back to Harold and was trying to find in the box something that could help.

Moon come out of the clouds again and lighted area. Now, she was able to see Harold fully. He looked not best, but she was looking on his face trying to see any other signs of life. He opened eyes and looked on her. She tried to smile to make him feel better, but it did not work out. She was too worried about him. He raised hand and he caressed her on the cheek. She felt a tear was going down from her right eye. She tried to rub it, but it just led to more tears.

"Rachel, do not cry." Harold could hardly speak. "I will be okay. Next time you will be driving." His hand fell back on the grass.

Rachel was not able to see if Harold had any wounds, but it was too dark and too much blood was already lost. Then she looked down Harold's body and saw his leg was lying in weird position. She looked around. Once more she saw nothing, but a car. She walked to it again thinking to find phone. She found her iPhone 5 on the floor on the back. It had broken screen, but worked. However, there was no signal. She took it and went back to Harold. He was trying to sit while she was looking for the phone, but he felt back with no power.

"Harold, what I should do?" she asked as herself she had no ideas.

"Go! Try to get to some town or homes. It should be not far."

"And leave you here?" Rachel stood on the knees and hugged him lightly. Then she started to kiss him all over the face. She was so scared that something could happen to him while she will be away. She was trying not to create those images in her head, but scarier and scaries idea were coming to her head.

"Maybe you have wounds too, but you do not feel them for now. You need to help at least yourselves."

"No, I will not leave you," she sat down by him and helped him to sit, keeping him up by hugging. Harold was saying nothing just patting her really slowly on the back.

Rachel felt her hair on the face and took it off. At this moment she realized that she has blood on all her hands and arms. It is probably Harold's blood, she thought.

They were sitting by each other waiting for something to happen. Harold did not tried to send her away and he fell asleep. She was just trying to keep his head on her shoulder or chest.

When she started to fall asleep too, she heard some steps. At this moment she realized that they were in the forest... Forest? How could they get there? They were driving in the suburb road and it was high vibrant suburb. They were driving and then car in the front of them stopped and Harold was trying to stop too, but it did not work. The last thing she remembers was loud hit of metals… She looked on the car and thought it could only go through garbage press to look this way. Why would her phone be lying on the back of the car if it was in the purse, as she clearly remembered, but she did not find purse? Those realizations came to her mind and she turned to Harold to wake up him. But it was no more Harold. She was looking on the empty space where Harold should be sitting and not realizing what she was seeing. And then she remembered steps.

She turned other way and saw something standing where clearing was ending and trees were beginning. It was so quiet that Rachel was feeling how blood was running through her veins. She could not move or scream. She was looking on the figure hoping that she will wake up. But she was not waking up.

It was dark figure, which looked like human shadow. But it had no extra thing that people usually have, only shadow of human body. At first it could seem that it is just shadow and real human hiding behind tree, but figure was moving not like normal shadow.

"Sh-sh-sh-sh..." sound went through air. Rachel tried to stand up to run, but heard other steps. She looked around and saw other shadows-figures. Not even rose, she felt back on the grass. Moon went into the clouds covering clearing between trees with the darkness.

Rachel lied down on the stomach on the grass, closed eyes and covered head with hands. She just not wanted to hear and see anything. She was scare. No, she was horrified. She was calling, to herself, Harold, as it was no hope on anyone else.

She felt some one touched her shoulder and she screamed with all her voice:


"Rachel! Help!" She heard Harold's voice when she stopped to scream.

She slowly turned around and opened eyes. Harold was in hands of the shadows. Moon was out of clouds again and she was able to see Harold really well. He was trying to get out, but the figure was lightly touching him, yet keeping him. Harold had hardly power to fight, and it probably created a lot of pain to him. She wanted to run to Harold, but felt some one keeping her by waist. She looked down and saw black hands… It was other shadows hands. She tried to hit it, but she was just hitting nothing, like it was no one keeping her.

"Sh-sh-sh…" said one shadow.

"Sh-sh-shh…" other one answered.

Shadow that kept Rachel let her go and she felt on the grass hurting knees.

"Harold," Rachel cried. She was not scared for her self anymore, she wanted to save Harold.

"Rachel, run please! Save yourselves!" He screamed to her.

"NO, I love you!" She said words that she was trying to keep away from him, as before she was scare that he will go away.

"I love you too!" Harold said with all possible love. "Run!"

One figure come up to Harold and covered him with shadow. Harold was not fighting anymore. He accepted his fate. Rachel tried to run to him to help, but shadow stopped her by putting hand on her shoulder. She felt back looking how Harold disappeared. Couple of shadows then come up to car that was still standing by and covered her too. At this moment Rachel realized that she will fight until last minute of her life. She rose and started to run in opposite direction to where Harold stood. This time shadows did not tried to stop her.

Rachel ran into forest, seeing different shadows everywhere, but she was not sure if it was her followers. She knew that eventually she will have the same fate as Harold and car, but she was running making last Harold's wish to happen.

In the darkness she was not able to see anything, so soon she fell down. She turned on the back not wanting to die with close eyes and she screamed with fear when saw shadows circling around her. She made last scream and faint.

In the morning a girl covered with dirt, old leaves and blood was found unconscious on the side of the road by the Black Forest. She was taken to the hospital where in a week she woke up. However, she could not remember who she was and what happen to her.


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