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Short story By: Yusufalam

Jonah tries to find an explanation for the voices he's been hearing in his head.

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He was waiting for her by the cemetery, trying not to pay attention to the voices in his head. When he first started hearing them, he used to get really scared, and wanted them to stop. He even tried to believe what doctors told him, that he was suffering from a psychological disorder, "paranoid schizophrenia". But no medication could make the voices go away. His only hope now was a girl called "Rebecca", who had assured him that she could help.

He had met her in very unusual circumstances. He was waiting on a bench, late at night on a deserted station. And then out of nowhere, she came to him. Her eyes sparkled in the pale moonlight, with her long hair complementing her beautifully carved face. Dressed in a blue gown that did little to conceal the exquisite contour of her body, she was all that existed in that eternity he shared with her on that station.

This was going to be their second meeting and he had a mixed feeling about it. Because there was something really mystical about her, all the time that he was with her, the voices were silent. She seemed to know everything about him, and all he knew about her was that she could have been a witch. Again, this was intimidating to him whenever he thought about it. And may be this meeting was one of those things no man could ever avoid. The voices had kept him awake for a long time, and he really wanted to understand them now.

He heard footsteps crushing the leaves at a distance and as he looked in the direction of the sound he saw a silhouette amidst the darkness of the jungle lit by scintillating stars and a smiling moon. She approached him slowly, her face had that same rare glow, he had this feeling that if he looked into her eyes for a long time, he will be lost in a timeless place, never to come back again...

"Quite a strange place to meet" He finally spoke what he had practiced over and over for the last fourteen nights.

"The path to truth is not an easy one. And it takes a person with a lot of courage to walk on it. I just wanted to see how far you were willing to go, to seek the truth." Her words merely registered in his mind as he tried really hard not to get lost in her velvety voice.

"Come with me, there's a place I want you to see." He stood up to follow her.

For all these years I have so wanted to seek the truth. But now that I am with her, nothing matters but her. I want to be with her forever, spend with her as many timeless moments as I can before I die.

He was in his thoughts when he tripped over a stone. She glanced at him and smiled, something in that smile told him that she knew everything that was going in his head. He mustered all his strength for keeping himself from thinking. He didn't want to lose his way again. He had to know the truth.

They were moving towards the hill, amidst all kinds of creepy noises which could scare the hell out of a normal person. But Jonah had heard worse. So he just continued following her until they reached the top of the hill.

"You see that village, that's full of people living a happy life." said Rebecca pointing towards the place which was on the other side of the hill.

"Full of people who have deceived themselves into believing that it's never going to end." He was listening to her with all the attention he could collect. He was really tired, but she showed no signs of weariness.

"And that's the cemetery where they finally have to go when they die." Said Rebecca pointing towards the place where they came from. "And that's not the end but another beginning which would depend on how they spent their life." Her words made sense to him as this was exactly what his father used to tell him. He wished he was still alive.

"These are the two worlds that co-exist, what you have been hearing aren't just an imagination of your brain, but they are the echoes of the living dead, voices of the people living in a parallel dimension, wanting to interact with you. They only speak the truth and they are trying to warn you from making the same mistakes as they did. So you'll be spared the pain, they are going through. You have a very unique gift Jonah." Rebecca's words brought a sense of enlightenment and relief to Jonah. Now he knew for sure that he had sought the right person.

"So how do I interpret what they say? They speak in a language I can't understand." said Jonah perplexedly.

She smiled and spoke again, "It's a gift Jonah, but an incomplete one. And to complete it, you would be required to perform a ritual."

"And what's that supposed to mean?" there was a change in Jonah's tone. This wasn't something he had in mind when he came to her.

"There's no reason to be scared Jonah. Our meeting wasn't merely a coincidence; I have watched over you a very longtime. And I have seen you suffer enough. I'm here to put you out of your misery. It's a simple ritual. But then again it's completely up to you if you are willing to perform it or not. This place where you are standing right now is a bridge between the two worlds. And if we you give yourself to me completely I will give you the gift of interpretation, which combined with your gift of reception will reveal all the secrets you wish to know." Jonah stood there debating. He had heard of the occults and their rituals and he never wanted to be a part of them. But then again, he had come this far, he wasn't willing to go home empty handed.

"I'm ready to volunteer." Jonah finally agreed.

Rebecca took out a wand and stretched out a circle. She then made a five point star sign inside the loop and asked him to sit on it with his eyes closed, while she sat in front of him, holding his hands into hers.

She started uttering verses in some strange language and after a moment he could feel his soul drifting into the sky, while Rebecca stayed back on the hill. He was flying high like he had always wanted as a kid. And he was totally enjoying the flight.

"It isn't turning out to be too bad after all." Jonah wondered in amazement.

And then all of a sudden he couldn't move, as if caught with a rope. He looked down to see the village, the hill and the cemetery right below him. The witch was sitting at the top of the hill with someone. And then in an instant, he crashed at the cemetery! Like a thunderbolt from the sky!

He lay there for quite some time, thinking he was dead before someone came to him and woke him up. He looked up to find an old man standing before him.

"Who are you? Where's Rebecca?" asked Jonah trying to absorb what he just went through.

The man helped him getting up. "You have been deceived son, like all of us here."

Jonah couldn't believe what he heard. The old man's words didn't make any sense! Jonah looked around to see a group of people at the cemetery, everyone looking at him with grim eyes. He couldn't trust his vision for what was before him!

"She has your body now, and she has sent your soul here to rot. She must have been from the bridge between the world of living and dead. Everything that you experienced was her sorcery and everything she told you was a lie. May God have mercy on us!"


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