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Freedom comes to a price for Jessica

Book By: lovelauren

Jessica suffered from abuse and rape from her so called loving father and after ten years of torture and wishing she was free she is finally rescued. After all these years she is finally got what she wished for. Freedom.

Submitted:Apr 29, 2012    Reads: 230    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

Jessica was only 9 when she was brutally beaten and raped by her so called loving father. Locked in a shed in his backgarden for ten years of torture with no contact with the outside world. Her father would leave her hungry tied up in a bed she was raped in so many times while she laid in dry blood from her wounds. When the rain poured from the dull sky it would leak through the rotten wooden ceiling and make her soaked. When the winter came and the air and snow was so cold that she would freeze, only having her thin ripped blanket that her mother gave her when she died, the only memory she had. She had no friends expect for her tatty teddy bear. She thought that hope was all lost until.

Her hair hanged in greasy rags, her clothes hung to her skinny frame. It had been a week since she was last fed and she gulped it down. With every hungry bite she took the more her belly settled in luxury. Her father watched her with beady eyes but she was to into her food to care. She gulped the last of her chicken down feeling satisfaction over whelm her. Shyly, she lifted her eyes up to her fathers who was still watching sliently at her with eviliness. She knew the price she had to pay for her food, so she laid back and rolled up her tatted dress. Her father came closer and slapped her hard across her face. She didnt wince as she was so used to it. She sqeezed her eyes shut and imagined herself begining free away from her life. With every hit he took at her just became another tear that escaped her closed eyes. She didnt move or flinch just became still as a statue,like she always did. He left her beaten and broken but each time felt like the first. She rocked back and foward her sobs filled the shed but she knew no-one could hear her. She was all alone in the world she lived in.

That night the rain poured heavily down on the sed roof and the leak creaked open with fresh cold water that covered her head to toe. She shivered in coldness and curcled up in her thin blanket and her grip tighten around her teddy. She listened to the loud patter of the each rain drop tht fell the ceiling and leak through to her body. Her wounds were oozing with blood and gunk that were infection by her terrible hygine. Suddenly, a bing bang was heard by Jessica and she covered her ears as she kenw her father was coming back. There were shouting of other people as crashs came from in the house. Jessica screamed for slience, for all of it to stop. There were fires of a gun and a thud from outside of the sed. The shed door that was bolted came crashing through as a fingers rushed in. Jessica was touched gently on her arm just like the way her mother did and she looked up at a stranger. A women with kind blue eyes and a warm smile. She lifted Jessica up in her warm arms that Jessica snuggled into. She had a tight grip on her teddy as she was carried away.

She woke up clean and dry. She shot her eyes open in alert, she wasnt in her normal dirty bed in a cold rotten shed but in a clean comfty bed with thick sheets and a pillow. She looked up to see a women dressed in a blue dress and white shoes. Jessica backed up as she emerged toward her. Jess looked her with curiousity and the women smiled at her. She remembered that smile from a dream and her blue eyes. "It's okay, you are away from that horrid man, you are free," The women said and Jessica was trying to make the words fit but she found one word in particual, free. Jessica swung her legs over the bed and hesitated as her feet touched the icey tiles. She got up blancing but her legs felt like jelly and she stumbled a bit. Weekly, she walked towards the pattio doors and opened them. She felt the fresh clear air on her skin as she breathed it in. She walked up to the railings at looked at the sky. At first it hurt but as she got used to it, she found herself smiling. It was everything she had dreamt of. It was beautiful. It was prue freedom.


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