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Rising death

Novel By: Dutch R

What becomes of you when you die? Where will you be sent off to? Would you be the same person there as you are here? And will you return? Questions of which need answers. View table of contents...


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When I came to sense the next day me and the owner of the barn came to an agreement that I could stay there as long as I liked, if, of course, I would help at the field. The farmer traded in grain and beer. I liked it here, I was accepted so quickly and felt at ease. The people were nice and had a warm smile.

While lasting my days here, I nearly forgot about the horrors that went on in the towns. Sometimes there came a traveller with stories beyond belief. They were those of beheading, lively buried and burned whole. Civil war began.

For what we were told there were three groups; the which, the aristocrats(known as the old breed) and the labours. The which was in control of Bologna, the labours of Doloris and the aristocrats ruled the countryside. The old breed did a pretty good job holding the enemies at a distance, however, rumours say there was a fourth party to join the war. Who knows what they would do? Who are they? All questions of which needed answering.

Me and the farmer went into the nearest village for trade relations. He wanted me to teach something about trade and even though I did not want to, it would be rude to decline after he took me in. When walking the central square we heard trumpets and drums from the right. A squad of sixteen men in white robes with a red cross knitted on them. Two of them held a pike on which a flag was raised. The symbol on the flag were that of a lion and cardinals ensign. A fat man rode a white horse, he was probably the leader of the group. He was covered in medieval cardinal dress and sat with pride as if he was a king. The man ordered the group to stop at the middle of the square and the group stopped playing.

Every ones attention was directed at this man, he was the fourth party. A young blond fellow stepped forward announcing his arrival 'The prince-bishop of Liège, archbishop of Valencia and bishop of Chartres. Cardinal Everhard van der Marck!' The boy stood aside, making place for the man himself. I remembered the name, it sounded all too familiar.

'People,' His speech began, 'as you might know, I was trying to stay neutral of any war in my time. I also don't want to enter now as well, but events like these even force the most peace-loving human to act.' He spoke at a low voice, because he knew that all heard him. 'A demon has entered this place and it's the churches duty to purify her. A witch has taken control of the capital and your honourable noblemen asked for our help, do you stand with us?' The crowd cheered, he would be their saviour. But how could they trust a man so blindly without any proper cause?

I stood forward and screamed 'And how will you kill the 'beast'?!' Silence, the crowd stopped clapping and thought about it. The cardinal felt offended 'I beg you pardon?' He did not like someone criticizing him. 'You heard me,' I continued, 'how can you say that you shall free us from the witch if you do not have any tactic?' The Cardinal began to laugh, he was expecting some more ethical question, not a how-to-kill manual. 'Oh believe me, I know. Me and the witch go back a long, long time. I know.' He repeated. 'Do you know how she is?' He was mocking me now, acting all high and mighty 'Oh, I don't. However, I have seen her as well as her wrath, it wasn't human.' My sight went black and I fell on the ground, thinking back at burned corpses still left in the town.

By the time I awoken, I was bound to a chair in a tent. Everhard must have taken me, I should not have put open my big mouth, stupid. I heard footsteps and voices outside, they were heading my direction…


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