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Novel By: sarfraz baig

it's the first chapter of my novel sanyeen internet called shah blot bagh. the story starts in flash back. where sanyeen internet is staying in a louzy hut View table of contents...


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The phone bell rang couple of times. Adam woke up. When he looked at wall clock, it was 10 'o' clock in the morning. Adam's younger sister nafeesa told him that it ranged before as well but when picked up the receiver nobody was responding. Adam knew who this was. He dialled the phone number. Somebody responded from other side, "hello".

Adam said, "It's me Adam".

Nadia said tiresomely and tediously, "where are you. I am calling you since morning".

Adam said, "We were invited by someone for dinner. We came back very late so that's why i woke up now".

Nadia said, "Okay than, listen to me carefully. Can you come to Islamabad"?

Adam asked her inquisitively, "where"?

She said, "Hamdard University".

Adam said enquiringly and pryingly, "where is it? Is it the name of some dawakhana"?


Nadia said in her special tone, "stupid, fool this is Islamabad's most modern university".

Adam said in a teasing and mocking way, "when did it started. It mean soon Qarshe and Ahmad will open their universities".

She understood the sense of humour of Adam. She said, "Stop bantering and mocking. Right in front of American centre there is a university. There is a canteen at the back of this university. You will find me there. You have to pretend that you were just passing through this area because you had to come for your air ticket reconfirmation. If somebody will ask you who are than you will have to tell that you are my father's friend's son. You are studying in Italy, Paris or London. Remember all these things and you should wear some decent clothes".

Adam asked her, "At what time i have to come. At least tell me the time".

Nadia said, "Exactly at half past twelve".

He heard the voice that she placed the receiver on cradle. Adam asked her sister, "prepare breakfast quickly because i have to go to Islamabad urgently".

Nafeesa knew everything but she was pretending that she doesn't know anything. She knew what urgent work his brother has to do in Islamabad. Adam started getting ready himself. He wore black pantaloon, black skin tight T-shirt and dust coloured coat, even though the weather wasn't suitable for this. He sprayed nice perfume and took his way to Islamabad. As he sat in taxi, he started thinking that what will be the first phrase he will say to her. This was his first date with Lolita. Talking on phone and seeing each other face to face is something else.

Taxi driver asked him, "Bao (Mr.) jee where you would like to get off close to china chowk or in front of American centre".

Adam said swiftly, "no no drop me at china chowk". Adam paid him money, he got off from the taxi and started walking in the verandas of the building which were on the opposite direction of American centre. While he was walking he saw the sign board of Hamdard University. It was unbelievable for him; girls and boys were sitting on the set of steps. They were sitting in groups and busy in chatting. Adam started descending through the stairs which were adjacent to university's wall. He found the canteen and he sat on one of chairs which were outside the canteen. The boys and girls who were sitting around him started staring at him like he was some other planet. Some of them passed the remarks in loud voice. Adam was listening to them quietly. Once he was student like them. He was worse than them. Adam's head was down but he was watching everything. He saw Nadia was coming from with her two female and one male classmate. As she saw Adam, she shouted, "Hi Adam, how are you. How come you are here"?

Adam said, "I was just passing by. I thought i should take a cup of tea. As its university's canteen so i thought their tea should be very good".

Nadia and her friends took chair and sat at the same table where he was sitting.

Nadia asked him, "would you like to eat something or you will have just tea".

Adam said, "No, tea will be fine".

Nadia wanted that her friends should know. She said, "Actually he is my father's friend's son. He is from London and he was studying there. He has his own business there. He is in Pakistan for holidays".

Adam was so confused because of this exaggerated and embroidered introduction. It was all lie because neither he has business nor he was studying and he wasn't here for holidays. In fact they expatriated and banished him.

As the girls and boys heard about London all of them paid their attention towards him. Nadia's female friends melted promptly. They started asking him different kind of questions. Nadia was looking very pretty with black shalwar qameez and this colour very suitable to her complexion. Adam specially came to see her. Nadia was listening; she wasn't saying anything because she didn't want to know anyone that Adam was here according to her plan, he wasn't here accidently. Adam was pretending that he is talking to Nadia's friends but in fact his eyes and brain was toward Nadia. She was looking gorgeous in black shalwar qameez. Adam started imagining himself her majazi khuda (virtual god).

Nadia and Adam chatted for more than enough than her break was finished. Adam took permission to leave because he didn't want that she go first because he had his tea.

He addressed them collectively, "i should go to now because i have to reconfirm my air ticket. It was nice meeting you".

Adam didn't want to leave Nadia but he knew her situation. Adam said good bye to her beautiful Lolita and took his way.


Najma begum wanted that Adam should marry with her daughter Amra. She asked her daughter and she was agreed as well but Adam wasn't agreed. He was madly and badly in love with Nadia. Since he was in Pakistan his love affair was on its peak.

Eid-ul Azha was near and Adam had the most beautiful and unforgettable chand rat with Nadia.

It was like that that Nadia took great risk and she invited Adam at her home. Adam took bangles and henna with him and he went to her home. Adam helped her to wear these gaily decorated and painted bangles in her beautiful and fair arms. He grabbed her hands to put some henna on them and he couldn't control himself and he laced his arms around her neck and Nadia couldn't stop herself because she was in love with him as well. When they hugged each other their heart beats were very fast. They were feeling that their heart will burst. Than Adam took her face in his hands with love and affections and glued his lips on her lips. Adam has been all around Europe. He has seen so many people but the tranquillity and harmony which he had in Nadia's arms; he didn't find it at any place. Her lips were the sweetest lips in this whole world. Nadia was one of the most arrogant and clever girl but when she hugged Adam she forgot everything. Suddenly they heard little rumour, Nadia's father was muttering while he was sleeping. Adam wanted to continue this but Nadia stopped him. She murmured, "After marriage".

Adam said, "It means you are in love".

Nadia said, "since very long but i was afraid. When you left Pakistan than I realised that something is lacking in my life"?

Adam said, "You never mention it to me on the phone. You could have written me a letter".

Nadia said, "I knew your situation. I didn't want you to ruin your future for me. Now you are back so i couldn't stop myself".

Adam said, "But how can it be possible. Your father will never accept this marriage".

Nadia said, "I know that but i will talk to him. If he won't accept than i will leave his house. I am sick of all this. Our life is based on false things. If i want, i can marry with richest person if i like but i was looking for some nice, intelligent, honest and down to earth guy and you have all these qualities".

Adam said, "I haven't got anything to give you. I am from lower middle class. You will have to spend your whole life in problems".

Nadia tried to convince him and said, "I will manage, i will spend my whole life with you. I will fight".

Adam said, "Than all right, i will send my father and mother to ask for your hand. They will speak with your father".

Nadia said promptly, "not now. Let me finish my education than i by myself will speak with my father".

Adam said curiously, "how long it will take to complete your education"?

Nadia said, "Approximately two years".

Adam said, "So how will i pass these two years"?

Nadia scolded him and said, "I don't know but you will have to wait anyway. Adam you should go now we will speak later".

Nadia kissed Adam again and she came up to entrance to say good bye. She watched him in the street while he was going.


Whenever Adam's parents used to talk about his marriage he used to change the topic. Ansari sahib spoke with him about this topic and najma begum discussed with him as well. Nafeesa asked him but Adam wasn't willing to talk about this topic. Adam had to pass two years. It has been two months that Adam was in Pakistan and his love affair was on its peak and boom. Now people started discussing their love affair.

But one day Nadia phoned him and she ruined his dream palace. He felt that somebody dragged him. Nadia said on the phone that he should forget her forever because she can't marry him. She still loves him and she will love him forever but can't marry him. Adam asked her many times what the reason is but she didn't tell him. Adam was madly in love with her. He was happy that she will love me forever.

Since she phoned him, it was nearly impossible for Adam to stay in Rawalpindi city. Every single moment was like a year. He decided to go back to Europe. He was deported from Europe so he decided not to go to any embassy. He spoke with some agents. Everyone has his own rate and there was no guarantee. If he will ran away, he won't be able to do anything. He thought about A.B.C. he phoned him on his mobile number, fixed rendezvous with him. He told him that he should come in such and such travel agency in Islamabad.

Adam was there at exact time what Mr. A.B.C. given him. He was waiting for him. He took him to Tabaque restaurant. He ordered the food and then said, "Beta what happened, you forgot about me".

Adam said, "Uncle i came back after five years. There were so many things to do. I had to see relatives and there was eid as well. I don't know it has two months that i am in Pakistan".

Mr. A.B.C. said, "now what have you decided"?

Adam took a cold breath and said, "I want to go back".

A.B.C. sahib said indubitably and surely, "I know that, the person who once spends some time in Europe than it's difficult for him to stay in Pakistan".

Adam's heart was broken. He said wretchedly, "it's not true. The truth is that that there is a lot of falsehood in our country. I love my country but i feel suffocation here. In Europe if you don't have documents, you are afraid that they will deport you or there are some other things".

A.B.C. sahib interrupted him, "beta (son) i should say that but in Europe, i mean you would have married with some Pakistani girl in London. If this wasn't possible you would have applied political stay".

Adam said, "Uncle, I did big mistake. If i will go now, i won't do this; i will never come back again".

A.B.C. sahib felt his soreness and twinge and said, "I think beta you have been through many problems in these two months".

Adam wanted to change the topic so he said, "uncle it's a long story. You tell me how i can go back. What is the solution"?

A.B.C. sahib came back to the real topic and said, "Beta it's very difficult to get visa these days. If we can find some British passport, it should be fresh so we will change photo. All you have to pay is charhae". (It's a term used in immigration department. When you travel with false documents you pay them so they let you in)

Adam said, "How much will be the charhae"?

A.B.C. sahib said, "Every city has its own rates".

Adam said in style that he wanted to make a deal, "what will be price for passport and P.C." (Photo change)

A.B.C. sahib, "everything depends upon passport. The price will be more or less one lakh rupees (one tenth of million)"

Adam said, "Uncle it's too much".

A.B.C. sahib said, "Beta i won't take even a single penny. It's a system. There is another way. You will save charhae's money but risk will be yours. When you get British passport you make Pakistani passport and identity card. The name should be same on British passport and Pakistani passport as well. You travel from Pakistan to Iran and turkey than you from turkey you can travel by air to France and then you can go where ever you like".

Adam said, "I liked the second option".

A.B.C. sahib said, "Than listen you have to give me your twelve photos but they should be different and leave it to me, i will sort out everything for you".

Adam said, "uncle may i ask you something if you don't mind".

A.B.C. sahib, "feel free to ask anything".

Adam said, "Uncle, why you are so kind with me".

A.B.C. sahib was a business minded man. He changed the track and said, "you don't know beta, when i saw you first time, i felt your agony that's why i sorted out your situation otherwise you would have been behind bars. Forget about this. There is a photographer in Islamabad (he fished out a visiting card of that photographer and gave it to Adam and continued the conversation). When you go there, give him my reference and tell him i recommended you. He is good photographer. He uses special kind of photo paper which they use in Europe. It's easy to change the photo and when they pass the passport through scanning machine, there are fewer chances to judge the passport that it has been changed. As well as concern English language and your get up for that you are perfect".

Adam said, "what about payment".

A.B.C. sahib said, "you don't need to worry about this first of all we will prepare your documents which are British passport, Pakistan passport and identity card with same name and Iran's visa. When i will give you all these things than you will have to pay me, all you need is to bring me photo as soon as possible. This is the address of travel agency. When photos are ready you leave them there. When i will have photos than it won't take long, it will take fifteen or twenty days".

Adam said, "Thank you very much uncle. I lost hope but you have given me courage".

A.B.C. sahib humbly, "beta you needn't to worry about anything, you just pray for me when you have time. I should go now because i have some family appointment at home, than i will take some rest because today is my night shift".


Adam was carrying British passport with Pakistani visa which was issued by Pakistani high commission London. It has in stamp as well. Name was different but it has Adam's photo on it. He has the Pakistani passport and identity card of same name which was on British passport. He got shocked after seeing these documents. He thought in these five years my country developed a lot.

He gave some money to his brother in law and gave some money in advance to his father for daily expenses and rest of money he gave to ansari sahib and specified him that he is giving his little brother under his guardianship. The money he is giving him is for his education because i have decided that i will never come back to Pakistan. Everyone stopped him when they knew that Adam is leaving Pakistan once again except his father and step mother. Najma begum was very exasperated and annoyed. Amra got surprised as well. He phoned Nadia so she said, "you shouldn't go like this, even though you aren't happy with me".

Adam said, "If you accept my proposal i won't go".

Nadia couldn't tell him that she wasn't willing to marry him so she didn't say anything else.


Adam bought the train ticket and came to Rawalpindi railway station for Quetta. This time there were many people with him to say god bye to him like his brother, sister, brother in law, his father, step mother, Ansari sahib even Amra and Najma begum came.

Train was ready to leave so he said good bye to everyone and entered in train. He left his bag at baggage place and came to his seat. The train started moving and left the platform. In the beginning the train's speed was slowly but it was increasing. The beads were coming out from his eyes continuously and finally he fell asleep. He woke up at Quetta railway station. He was frightened this time as well that he will be copped. He thought about nadir balouch but this time the situation was different. He took the right bus for Iran. He came to his seat and sat quietly. Border police checked everyone's visa and bus started again. Last time he was with daowd but no he was on his own. He didn't speak with anyone during journey. When he arrived in Iran he took a three star tourist kind of hotel and to spend one night here. He stayed one day in Tehran than he bought ticket for Istanbul. Last time when he came to Istanbul he had great desire to see certain historical thing but it wasn't possible but this it was possible but he wasn't willing to see them. This time he didn't want to know about history and culture and he didn't speak with anyone until now. The only thing he wanted was he should reach London or Paris as soon as possible.

He drowned in deep thoughts, bus moved. This journey was very long and was thinking about his life what happened to him. The whole story was running in front of his eyes like a film and finally he slept again.

Someone grabbed his shoulder and he woke up. He got off from bus and gave his both passport to immigration officer. He checked them thoroughly when he was satisfied he gave back to him. This was the most difficult situation he passed through it satisfactorily. Adam came back to his seat again. He didn't care who was sitting next to him what was going on outside. What type of plants and trees were outside, which was the next city. He forgot everything about art, literature, philosophy, history and what so ever. The more he was thinking about his past the more he was feeling bad.


Adam was waiting for his flight at Ataturk airport Istanbul. It wasn't difficult for him to buy ticket for Paris. He only showed his both passports to travel agent, he made photo copies of these and gave him ticket.

Adam's sitting in waiting room and right in front of him there were many coloured magazines, he took one of them and was trying to read something but his mind was somewhere else. He lived in Uskudar with Kishan Singh Jutla five years before. Daowd and he used to stroll in the streets of Istanbul and they were broke as well. He was thinking that now he will enter in Europe without any problem. How strange it was, it was embarrassing and shameful before and now he was travelling with great respect.

Adam's conscience was dead. His hasn't had any sensitivity, humanity and principles which he used to have. He left his boat on waves without any captain and anchor. He was convinced for paper marriage, political asylum or making money by unfair means, either by bankruptcy or fraud.

He heard check in announcement of his flight. Adam took his boarding pass and started waiting in lounge. He saw on displaying screen that his flight is coming on which gate number. So every passenger took his belonging and went to appropriate gate where there aeroplane was coming. At the check in counter on both sides two beautiful French girls were standing. They were welcoming every passenger. They were saying bonjour, bonjour, bonjour. They had a quick look at Adam's boarding pass and said, "bonjour and then bon voyage" and allowed him to enter in aeroplane. Adam never ever even imagined that he will pass all these stages so easily.

As he stepped in, in air France's aeroplane he took a cool breath. He decided inwardly that he they will discover that he has false documents he will apply for political asylum at French airport. Now it wasn't a dishonourable thing for him because he was no more slave of his principles. Fasten your seat belts, was blinking on electronic sign board. It was in French and English as well. The light was flashing. The aeroplane started moving, slowly and slowly the speed was increasing. Suddenly the aeroplane rose upward and with a blink of eye it was in air, Adam got frightened. When he saw the tyres were going inside at their place where they are during flight, at that time Adam's mental condition was very bizarre and weird. He put on head phone; he tried many channels which were on right hand side of his seat. He didn't like anything because wasn't feeling very good. Then he started watching film on big screen. In the mean while airhostess came and she asked him in French and English as well but as he had British passport so should be responding in English even though he knew French as well. Sometime your little mistake causes you a big trouble and he didn't want to do any mistake.


Charles de Gaulle airport is always jam pack of passengers, there is always hustle and bustle at this airport. As Adam came out from aeroplane he stood in European Union queue. Whoever passenger came closer to immigration officer, he opened his passport's photo page, showed to him and passed through the counter, mostly he had glance but sometime he took the passport and have a proper look. Adam did the same thing as other passengers were doing. He showed him his passport's photo page; he had a quick look and said okay. Adam smiled and put his passport in his coat's pocket and went to the baggage belt. He had a trolley. He found his baggage, put it on trolley and started pushing it. He came to railway station because he had to take RER. B. He took out ticket from machine and started waiting for train. There was train after every half an hour. When train came it was jam pack with passenger.

Adam got in the train with his baggage. He knew all trains and metro of Paris so there wasn't any problem for him. Where you can get RERB or RER A or where direction is suitable to go such and such area. Train was running very fast. Adam pinched himself whether he was dreaming or it was reality. His luck was helping him even though his all documents were false. He didn't have any problem until yet. For safety measures he didn't keep any French telephone number because he was for sure that once he will be in passage Brady he will get all contact numbers. He had no one in Paris except daowd or if he wanted to see Anna, she was in rue di Rivoli in her antique shop. His train stopped at Gare du Nord. He took metro and came to Chateau d'Eau from here passage Brady was on walking distance.

Finally he was in passage Brady. All the boys were standing outside the restaurants and were waiting for customers. Adam was in the middle of the passage Brady. Adam had good friendship with coiffeur. He entered in his salon. He recognized him. Adam left his baggage in a corner and started chatting with him than he asked him about daowd.

Coiffeur said, "Daowd opened his restaurant in opera area with partner".

Adam said, "what about passage Brady's restaurant"?

Coiffeur said, "The contract was finished so he gave it back to its real owner".

Adam said, "what about ehtram ul haque butt"?

Coiffeur said, "There are rumours that he is in Canada. Daowd and butt jointly" he didn't completed his sentence, Adam interrupted him and said; "i know what does it mean. Give me daowd's telephone number and his address".

Coiffeur wrote down daowd's address and telephone number on a piece of paper and ordered tea as well. It was impossible for Adam to say no for cup of tea. While Adam was taking tea he thought he should phone daowd from coiffeur's telephone. He dialled daowd's mobile number from coiffeur telephone. It was switched off. Suddenly coiffeur's phone rang, he picked up the phone and Daowd was on line so he gave receiver to Adam. Adam took the receiver and said, "hello daowd, it's me Adam".

Daowd said, "Where are you calling from"?

Adam said, "I am calling you from passage Brady".

Daowd said, "Why don't you come to opera. Forget about opera, i am coming to pick you up. Stay there".

After having tea Adam went to see boys who were standing outside the restaurants. In these five years all the names of the restaurants were changed workers were changed but the owners were same. Adam used to stand outside the restaurant to call customers. Adam was still illegal the only difference was, before he had principles to follow and he spent his life according to his doctrine but now it was different.

He talked about daowd and everyone pronounced him as sahib because he was patron now. Patron is a word famous in French language for the owner of something mostly restaurant.

Daowd was coming hurriedly from other side. He wasn't recognizable. His complexion was fair, designer suit, matching tie and he was wearing mantle. He was carrying briefcase in one hand and in other hand he holding mobile phone. He had heavy gold rings in his fingers. At first sight Adam thought daowd is some don. As he came close to Adam he left his briefcase on the floor and hugged Adam strappingly. People who were standing in passage Brady they looking at them amazingly that what's going on because since he left passage Brady's restaurant he never came back and didn't see anyone. The one reason was that that he was very rich now and other reason was that that daowd and butt showed bankruptcy and made a lot of money and annoyed many people as well. Daowd and Butt left each other but took his money and went to Canada and Daowd opened an expensive restaurant with partner in opera. As he hugged Adam he started crying. Both of them came to daowd's dazzling and glistening car.



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