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Love Is So Damn Easy Part 5

By: XxPredicxX

Chapter 1, Julia is having abit of deja vu.

I sat down on the edge of the double bed infront of the schoolboy.

"How are we going to deal with this?" asked the boy, though having contact with my eyes, staring at my breasts.

"Well, we've already started the journey and it'll probably cost alot to get a new room." I got up and looked in the closet near the bed.

"There's a blow-up bed in here," I took it out and laid it on the floor, ",I'll sleep on it." After that, we were very quiet. The teen sat in the bed, reading a comic book. I was in the bathroom having a bath. I couldn't see myself in a couple of months with a baby bump. Soon I was relaxing in the warm water, but then I was finding myself drifting to sleep. I couldn't feel my body, but then I heard something.

The door was opening, the cold draft chilled the water that was soaking my body. Footsteps got closer to the bathtub. I heard shuffling and something dropping to the floor. The water started to rise abit, something was coming into the tub with me. Manly hands began to squeeze my breasts, my heart rate increased. Suddenly, one of the hands slipped down to my pussy. It's thumb rubbed my clit and then started to finger my entrance. I woke up.

The teenage schoolboy. Staring at me in shock.

"I.....I..." the boy stuttered. I actually was enjoying him pleassuring me. I looked down at his 6-inch dick; it was fully erect. I moved his hands from my body and used my hand to stroke his manhood. He started to moan and breath heavily. I bent down even more and sucked his dick. I tasted his precum on the tip. I used my tongue and licked his member up and down. Finally he climaxed and came. His white substance covered my neck and dripped onto my breasts.

"Fuck me!" whispered the teen in my ear. I was hoping he would say that. At that moment, I was putting myself in danger.

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