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The Day Shifts...

By: LilLoCksea

Page 1, Your mind, your senses, your body...All become so intense at the end of the day that you observe everything, you travel with your mind, you dream and your body curls up embracing the the sounds of the night....embracing an adventure.


Orchard sky so high and shy,

at the setting sun over the mighty mountain high!

How beautiful they are!

Magic as no other lay further west were the end of the day explodes!

Into a magic dacing gaze...

This is were the sun throughs its last rays,

before it contracts and fades away.

Now the most peaceful part of the day starts

where the smell, sight, hearing and feeling are at their most intense bearing.

The smell of bonfires and mushed wet ground that fill the dark with a mesmerizing odour.

The sight of the stars and the moon which fill the sky with such joy!

Only seeing through tired eyes the outlines and shadows of nature,

While you hear the laughter of children,

wushing of the wind that seems to knock on your door,

the nestling and flittering as the day creatures go to sleep and the night creatures come out to play.

Clouding my mind so that i may get some sleep.

Quietly falling and drifting asleep...

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