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By: pakla

Page 1, TIME pushes no one but drives everything. CHERISH this plueripotent gift!


Rushes like the waves of the ocean

Brushes like a comb brush

Where we go we don’t know

Our destination is unsure

We’re all in this great van of life

Jerking the stony pavement

The oxen bellow

Dust wafts in the air

The haze of sky in irony

Nature breaths as doom

In solemn and still silence

No man no talk

The wheel and peddle

The carrier and bell

The traffic dwindles

And spurt of adrenaline spill

Silence and no noise

No nerve in man and woman

Hush, the heavens draw

The sound the dance

The trumpet loud and louder

Planet in chaos and multitudes too

Confusion confusion no man stands

Women? They saw women

Love they perverted

Affection prevented

Now feeling negated

No likes dislikes and shame

And they drunk the ink

And forecast further

The future their destiny uncertain

Waiting for a factor

One common denominator

Time, how precious


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