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By: Shekhar Srivastava



There was a boy standing outside his door, waiting for someone happily. Then he saw a car. Seeing it he began to jump with joy. They were his cousins coming to his house for a trip in summer vacation. The boy took them in the house. The boy, James shouted, ‘Daddy! Where are you? They are here.’ Then, came his parents. James asked, ‘So dad, where are we going?’ Dad said, ‘You discuss and tell me about that.’ All the five boys went in James room and came after 15-20 minutes. Youngest cousin, Williams said, ‘Uncle, We have decided to go to a forest for one week. We really want to see wild animals closely.’ James’s dad said, ‘Ok, fine. We will go tomorrow. I will arrange for taxi.’


Next day, in the morning at 10’o clock, a taxi came to their house for a trip to forest. They sat in the taxi to go to forest. In two hours, they reached the beauty of forest. Greenery was spread in all the directions. Thousands of tall trees and a bright sky made it more beautiful. They used to light a fire in the night to keep away the wild animals. They use to sleep late in night. They sat, talked and ate around the fire. After 3 days, they saw a wounded small tiger. It had got hurt on its leg and was unable to walk. As lover of the wild, they decided to help the tiger and keep it with them. In two days, the tiger was recovered and was in good health and mind. The small tiger became friendly with them especially with James.  5 days later, they heard the roaring of tiger. They were scared that the tiger may attack them. They soon wake up from their sleep. They had no weapon other than fire to protect themselves. James said, ‘Now what to do?’ Father said, ‘Just be calm, We will be safe.’ There was just one tree to climb but no one was able to climb such a tall tree. Now, they were able to see the tiger were their eyes. Soon, The tiger came running. Every one was hiding in their tents and watching the fierce tiger. The tiger caught a glimpse of James’s father and decided to attack him. But soon, James threw a stick on the tiger to protect his dad. Now, tiger was a lot angry with them. Then, he decided to attack James. There was no one to protect James. Soon, the small tiger came out from James’s tent. Seeing the small tiger, the fierce tiger stopped to attack. Seeing the love between the small tiger and fierce tiger, they thought that they were father and son. The small tiger told something to the fierce tiger in their own language. Then, the fierce tiger came and licked the face of James. It seemed like the tiger was giving thanks to James to protect his kid. It was for the first time that they had seen such a friendly behavior between tiger and a human. All were happy to see the tiger closely. They had seen such a rare type of thing in the forest. It was likely to be unforgettable moment for them.

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